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I excerpt the following, below, from an OCTOBER, 2008 article, almost one year ago now.

I chose this particular report because it kills two birds with one stone.

First, it names Mohammed Jaberian, a person with whom I am NOT familiar, and Khouzestan Steel.
Sale of Iran's Khouzestan Steel to Jaberian JUST NOW revoked, related to recent threats, challenges to  present NAZI Iran Mullah regime, militias, Revolutionary Guards and, thus, by extension, Iraq/Baghdad Oil Minister, Sistani son-in-law, Shahristani, of course.
I will link to a report about Jaberian reversal of fortune, subsequently.

Second, it names some obvious suspects, characters, I mention throughout my posts, AND, something I PROMISED in a post I did earlier, April 16, 2008, regarding JP Morgan and their First Persia Fund connections and a post I did, June 2, 2009, about Iranian VP Parviz Davoodi and his connections with Morgan Stanley.

I pulled a link from my April 16, 2008 post regarding the First Persia Fund, just as a reminder:

So, as I said in my April 16, 2008 post and thereafter, NO UPSTART, PIPSQUEAK IRANIAN MULLAH/S is/are going to challenge the impeccable international lineage and historical pedigree of NAZI JP MORGAN and their historical NAZI ALLIANCES, FRIENDS, CARTEL, CLIENTS and associations.
It is a slam dunk contest.

But, of course, it takes a world of complicity, appeasement, collaboration, self-destructive ignorance, stupidity, short sightedness, opportunism, denial and both historical and theoretical amnesia to help in ALL their counter-revolutionary, reactionary global projects.
MY emphasis below in BOLD:
"...Only two other deals have broken the $1bn mark this year, with Mohammed Jaberian paying $1.5bn for a 30.5% holding in Iran's Khouzestan Steel, and UK fund manager Fidelity International taking a 5.2% interest in Israel Chemicals for $1.3bn.
Credit Suisse leads the advisory rankings for announced M&A deals in the region, working on a total of 12 deals so far with a combined value of $14.8bn. Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Nomura make up the top five.
In completed deals, Goldman Sachs tops the table, with $14.4bn worth of deals, followed by JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, HSBC and SEB..."

And, then, for the latest about Jaberian's reversal of fortune regarding Iranian Steel:

Finally, as a footnote, a link to my previous post from June 2, 2009 regarding Iran VP Davoodi and a further embedded link from April 2, 2009, to his/their German, Morgan, First Persia Fund connections:

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