Thursday, December 17, 2009


Turkey's wonderful, militant, PRINCIPLED labor opposition, resistance, which, of course, receives NO recognition, attention or support whatsoever here from our bogus, manufactured NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Left Dictatorship once more is on the move:


And, the world's great freedom fighters, NAZI Iran's Chilean General Pinochet goose stepping Revolutionary Guards, championed by the globe's other bogus Left, see my post just below this one, also on the move:

"Iran Guards march on oil sector
Iran's Revolutionary Guards have replaced foreign companies at a growing number of projects in the Islamic republic - including the massive South Pars development - in a move some analysts see as evidence of the elite force's growing economic clout..."


But, showdown and confrontation at High Noon in the Middle East O.K. Corral playing soon at a theatre near you, introductory episode, prologue, ALREADY occurring anyway between competing, rival economic factions, commercial interests, investments, corporations of Iraq/Iran/Saudi Arabia/Yemen/US/EU/UAE/Russia/Israel/Egypt/Lebanon/PA/China, etc., as all PRIVATIZED interests jostle for their share of the economic pie, empire, dominance, market and the spoils of war.
Iranian controlled Baghdad's recent so-called oil auction already "challenged" in court while the KRG/Baghdad/Iran intractable conundrum over Baghdad's central government oil revenue allocations and contracts CONTINUES UNABATED.
No resolution in sight, except, of course, the inevitable, upcoming, military Big Bang explosion.

And, back in the insecure Homeland of our NAZI Obooma Dictatorship, the latest chapter in our NASCENT, uphill challenge to our deplorable, abysmal, collaborative Fascist led AFL-CIA and Andy Stern Gang SEIU labor leadership is represented below by NUHW (Sal Rosselli's National Union of Healthcare Workers).
NUHW, along with NNU, National Nurses Union, and California Nurses Association represent HOPE for the future, IF any exists:

And, finally, an anecdotal postscript, personal indulgence.
I previously have mentioned my 85 year old acquaintance, A.
A. has a severe vision disability and can no longer see/read the internet on a computer easily. So, I narrate to him highlights, as much as possible.
His sight may be debilitated, but, not his intellect. Nor his experience.
I told him about the above, Iran's NAZI Revolutionary Guards seize oil fields, etc. I also explained to him WHO is Iran's Oil Minister in Baghdad.
His immediate, one sentence reply to me, for what it's worth,
"They have declared war!"
I know.

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