Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have reiterated, many times, multiple, competing imperial interests, wars, surrogate battles, proxies are raging simultaneously, another one over Russia's Yukos, in the news with a $100 Billion Lawsuit and threatened seizure of private Russian assets abroad.
No doubt, the above, including Helmer's reporting, influenced Russia's decision vis-a-vis Iran, and, it/their potential, such as Lukoil, to invest in Iraq, since the Russian State, LIKE OURS, NOW, represents and subsidizes PRIVATE CORPORATE INTERESTS, first and foremost, i.e, the Fascist/NAZI Corporate State.
It's called The Leverage, Squeeze, Threat and Let's Make A Deal, Bargain Show.
I excerpted from the link below about Yukos ONLY the following sentence because it pertains to one of MY main theses regarding the FUNDAMENTAL, UNDERLYING, SCHIZOPHRENIC CONTRADICTION represented by our organized labor pension fund investments and their PARTNERSHIP with the rise and/or fall of the interests of our Fascist Private Corporate State abroad as opposed to their nominally, purported role as our institutional class representatives.

In reality, their main function is to be junior business partners, handmaidens, cheerleaders for Fascism, first and foremost, by cumulatively, collectively amassing, controlling, corralling pension monies and channeling, funneling them into PRIVATE Fascist corporations instead of expanding, guaranteeing a VIABLE, national, pubic pension system, such as Social Security, or, of course, Single Payer Health Insurance or ANY other nationalized industry, natural resource, whatsoever.
Thus, the entire working class is indebted, shackled, chained, PARTNERED to the "success" of these corporations abroad, as well as here, and their policies.
If private corporations fail, so do their pensions.
The necessities and exigencies of subjective self-interest flows henceforth from that point.

This is not by accident, but, by design, which is why any power struggle for CONTROL over our union leadership, and, thus, its financial allocation, dues, political expenditures and support, investment, ALL policy, is SO strategically, critically, life threatening, urgent, immediate, important.

This contested arena may fall under rubric of democracy, but, the above is contextually, substantially what the power relationship expresses, its extraordinary significance and why the battle is so intense and heated.
It is NOT a minor, secondary, inconsequential issue. It is at the heart, nub of the matter, over which numerous past union mafia assassinations have occurred.

Anyway, here's the one sentence I selected for my own illustrative purposes:

"....International investors, including US pensions funds, were spooked by the fall of the country's largest private company, which had a market value of over $40 billion before the state began its tax case...."

As President Mommy, i.e, Hillary Clinton literally "stands by her man," this time, impotent, empty-headed scumbag and CIA whore, Unser Fuhrer Obooma, Clinton goes about quietly lining up her international ducks and coalition.
Afghanistan AND Pakistan, of course, another significant investment, strategic energy corridor, (think pipeline), transit area, port, natural resources, and Abraaj, UAE, GCC investments, happens ALSO to flank Iran's Eastern front.
So, a military buildup, along with ally Pakistan is in the cards.
And, NO EXIT whatsoever in sight.
On the contrary.
Precisely where and how those troops will be utilized within upcoming months is an open question, because, on Iran's Western front exists the spiraling, raging inferno of Baghdad/KRG/Iran escalating, contested, Iraq so-called election battleground, Yemeni war and greater regional context.
But, no connections made HERE with ANY of the above.
Instead, seemingly, we ALL are just marching into Afghanistan for no particular reason, except some, vague, amorphous, trumped up, empty threat and propaganda.

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