Saturday, November 27, 2010


I promised, over many posts, INEVITABLE, intensified, imperialist class conflict, rivalry, competition and economic contradictions to escalate and deepen.
And, so, they are, have.

Once our NAZI counter-revolutionary genie was let loose out of its containment bottle upon USSR dissolution, such becomes its inevitable repercussions, consequences, and RETURN to PRE-WWII and WWI conditions around the globe.
At this point, I wonder, will the Euro and Eurozone survive intact and Europe's 800 pound resuscitated IMPERIAL NAZI GERMAN gorilla roaming the continent and beyond again??
I doubt it.

But, they are not the only ones to fall into states of social disrepair, disintegration, decay, dissolution, dislocation, "anarchy," tumult, perpetual conflict, chaos, internal and external war, strife, etc.

Turning back the direction, flow, of time, tide and history is an IMPOSSIBLY Herculean, Sisyphean task.
Only fools and hubris rush in where angels dare tread.
Every step forward in their self-destructive, counter-revolutionary catastrophic enterprise brings with it/them many more, multiplying, internal and external contradictions, explosions, demanding further resolution, containment, control, spiraling ever upwards, outwards and onwards.

INFINITE human resources and energy do NOT exist.
In nature, yes.
But, not us mere mortal species.

We are a limited crowd.

Thus, are sown, manufactured, the seeds of our/their "winter of discontent" and destruction, implosion, self-destruction accompanying their BARBARIC, PRIMITIVE, INSANE NAZI/FASCIST ideological philosophical cult that flirts, mixes, represents and misrepresents, resuscitated, in any and all forms, medieval obscurantism, mysticism, occult, barbarism, madness, irredentism and irrationalism.

Anyway, poetic justice happens occasionally.
Unser Fuhrer, here, Obooma, has a BIG FAT LIP.
One with 12 stitches in it.
So, probably, he is not able to grin stupidly from ear to ear.
Thus, they can not trot him out for personal appearances and I do NOT have to hear or see him for awhile.
If Obooma disappeared for the rest of his political term it would make no difference whatsoever.
He could be replaced with a life size Sesame Street puppet, something I advocated for quite some time.
He will be duly "uncomfortable" for quite some time, which befalls him perfectly.
Supposedly, it was a sport, basketball, accident, in which he participated.
Bless the individual who did it.
Not a shoe toss and miss this time.
A direct hit.
Much better.

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