Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In honor of United Suckers of Assholes demonstration s-election process today in which change represents continuity from our most recent Change and Hope candidate, I thought I would highlight a CLASSIC US treasure, GEORGE SELDES, "FACTS AND FASCISM."

I did this before.
But, timing and re-emphasis seemed appropriate.
Does the following first and second chapter excerpted from Seldes book sound vaguely, remotely familiar, similar to you now???

Anyway, Seldes SELF-PUBLISHED his work in 1943 CONTEMPORANEOUS to/with events.

First and foremost, Seldes is a muckraking journalist.

So, a scholarly historical work requiring much time, hindsight, access to documents, multiple languages, research, deep historical antecedents, contextualization, framework forewords and backwards, etc., clearly was neither feasible nor the purpose of his book.

Much more information is available adding to, fleshing out, both literally and figuratively, what Seldes narrated and chronicled below.

Seldes could not have imagined, for example, a post WWII US organized labor movement controlled of, by, for and PARTNERED with FASCIST/NAZI private corporations, investing their workers hard earned pension fund monies into those/these same corporations and pouring millions into the coffers of our twin NAZI Democratic Party??

Our Communist affiliated and dominated CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) mentioned by Seldes below, after implementation of a post WWII 1947 National Security Act, institutionalized NAZI State apparatus, AND its corollary, draconian 1947 Taft-Hartley (anti) Labor Law (Act), with subsequent 1950s Senator Joe McCarthy Congressional hearings, show trials and barbaric Rosenberg execution, effectively purged, neutered, neutralized, for the most part, labor of its progressive leadership, in addition to mafia penetration, ferocious battles over control of union pension funds, i.e, bizarre, gruesome, mysterious, unsolved murders, deaths, killings, assassinations, crimes, the Teamsters union, Hoffa, coal miners, etc.
They "shot their way into power, control."

Anyway, for Seldes, below:



In case you wish to own a copy of Seldes book, an invaluable collection to anyone's library, it's available inexpensively, reprinted, of course.
And, more editorial commentary below:



And, then, we have an equally manufactured, financed, subsidized, ersatz opposition, a bogus dialectic, dichotomy, a sort of NAZI Wolf dressed in Grandmas Clothing in a modern day political version of Grimm Brothers classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale:



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