Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If one can stomach listening to US Army Chief of Staff General Casey in the link below, go ahead.

Basically, he reaffirms my many posts, as stated in my heading, above.
But, I warn, do NOT throw things at your computer screen.
It does not help. Be prepared. Brace yourselves.
You've been forewarned.

Then, again, if you can stomach listening to any, all our current stable of present day NAZI/FASCIST propagandists, historical revisionists, opportunists, collaborators, apologists, luminaries, etc., EVERYWHERE on the globe, then, this and he are no different.
These are the professional killers.
They make no bones about it, as opposed to the others:


Finally, when one finds oneself swimming in and surrounded by NAZI human debasement and scum, refuse, ignorance, stupidity, banality, degradation, barbarism and brutality, as that represented above, film and culture such as that below are the only possible antidotes, refuge, commiseration, reminder.
I have seen it more than once:


The official trailer is embedded in the ABOVE LINK which is worth perusing.
But, in case you missed it:


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