Sunday, November 14, 2010


You just woke up.

It's 5, 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning.
Do you know where your money is?

Consider, ponder a vast smorgasbord of emerging market investment possibilities all ranged before you from which to choose.

Of course, like diamonds, ALL represent BLOOD and/or DRUG MONEY.

I will elaborate below.

But, that is given in a Faustian bargain with NAZI/FASCIST private capital expansion and its concomitant ANTI-Communist, USSR counter-revolution.
So, below more investment possibilities for you to ponder, consider.

You should take this seriously, yet, I can assure you, almost no one here does.

It's quite remarkable, really.

Consider waking up and having absolutely NO idea whence comes or to where goes your personal finance, money, income, expenditures.

Yet, that's exactly what almost everyone does here in relation to their pensions which are bundled and huddled together like toxic mortgages into various equally toxic institutional funds with customary overlapping corporate Board members, etc.

Everybody simply relinquishes responsibility blindly handing their hard earned shekels to these anonymous NAZI/FASCIST investment houses.

No questions asked, demanded of them.
After all, they get a good rate of return, don't they??

THAT being the ONLY number that COUNTS.

When suddenly they stop getting such a good rate of return, then and only then, does accountability become required.

But, only because a lousy rate of return was generated.
Nothing else. Only the bottom line.
Basic, fundamental, elementary, simple arithmetic.

See, hear, speak, see no evil, therefore none exists.
Out of sight, out of mind.

"Ours is NOT to question why, ours only is to do, die and INVEST."

THAT is the only accountability required.


So, FIRST, below, an article by Hopsicker explaining a most curious development between Venezuela and our international drug cartels.

NOT mentioned by Hopsicker, below, however, more FACTORS necessitating context and consideration, namely, an ongoing political BACKDROP between NAZI Iran's Latin America connection and their current OCCUPIED IRAQ/IRAN/US power struggle and SANCTIONS:



And, then, for some more investment news updates for you from our greater, burgeoning MENASA emerging markets, speculative bubble, etc.:



Meanwhile, back in the Lilliputian land of retrograde ZIONIST ISRAEL further ensuing, contested, INTERNAL energy battles.

I do NOT understand what Sheshinski means below when referencing US domestic energy policy, since US land, resource, and energy industry remains ENTIRELY, COMPLETELY dominated, owned, dictated, controlled by, of and for PRIVATE corporate interests.
NOTHING here being NATIONALIZED except taxpayer PRIVATE INDUSTRY subsidies and debt.
What Sheshinski proposes seems more RADICAL, PROGRESSIVE than anything resembling here.
More articles, information available on the sidebar and their website regarding Egypt's NO tax policy on EMG, etc:



Israel Offshore Oil and Gas Energy Tax:


And, so it goes on and on...including Sarkozy's current French government resignations AND PASOK possibly in Greece.

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