Sunday, November 21, 2010


I find it more and more difficult, depressing, oppressive, disturbing, regurgitating, absorbing resurgent GLOBAL NAZI/FASCIST media, developments, facts and what passes for mundane, everyday journalism, history, commentary, analysis, so, I thought I would take a slight reprieve and begin today's post with a cultural, but, very much political, side trip FIRST.

I saw the following Israeli film recently with ENGLISH subtitles, "THE DEBT," a haunting and dramatically stunning film.

Can't find it subtitled in English on youtube.

But, one question, issue raised in/by the film which I found most haunting, disturbing NOT presented in any reviews I read, so far, dealing with the most difficult, perplexing question of its kind, HOW and WHY humans consciously KILL other humans?

NOT for immediate sustenance, sexual selection and/or rivalry as in the remainder of the animal kingdom.

So basic, fundamental, yet, in this film raised to the forefront.

Taken for granted as everyday, matter of fact, by most everyone.

But, really, THE most disturbing psychotic question of all.

Like taking cannibalism for granted.
It is THIS particular aspect of the film presented in the form of DIRECT QUESTION, CONFRONTATION, JUXTAPOSITION, PARADOX that I find most perplexing, disturbing, haunting.
By the way, IF you have not already seen this film, do NOT see it in its corporate, commercial rehashed Miramax version.
See the ORIGINAL Israel version.
As usual, I do NOT want to give away the plot more than already I have done so for those who have not seen it and may do so.
I already told you much too much.
Do not want to be a spoiler:



And, then, I came upon a reprint from a 1979 Hoxha Albania speech.
I have a special place in my heart for FORMER Communist Albania, as I found their English (pre-internet) short wave radio broadcasts quite delightful.
It is/was interesting to see in hindsight how much Hoxha got correct in GENERAL in most/many instances below.
But, since written in 1979, he did/could not detail SPECIFICS of what followed.
For example, Western sponsored NAZI Iran Islamists, subsequent suppression, repression, infiltration of Iran's Tudeh Party (**see footnote below); Western sponsored covert labor sabotage in Poland through Walesa and Solidarity; Western sponsored covert "Afghan Taliban Freedom Fighters;" naming just a few illustrious, nefarious foreign interventions and highlights, ad nauseum:


Returning to the present CONTINUUM, once again, I could go on and on with the same sort of highlights I previously have on my many posts.
But, sometimes, simply it is too overwhelmingly nauseating and sickeningly, morbidly oppressive and depressing.
So, beginning with Israel above and flowing from Hoxha's speech, I will conclude full circle with two more Israel and Russian commentaries and let it go at that:





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