Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well, MAYBE I have answered my own question posited in my POST JUST BELOW this one as to who or from whence funding sources emanate for our BOGUS, noisey, vociferous opposition who NEVER manage to find or object to NAZI Iran's current killing and torture regime in occupied Iraq or anywhere else, for that matter, but, ONLY Israel:


Of course, NOBODY above has ANY problem with NAZI CITIGROUP, TURKEY AKBANK and IRAN PARSIAN financial acquisition, marriage, partnership.

Additionally, offshore Israel, Lebanon, Egypt waters remain contested, disputed space, energy territory and contracts with Iran now entering directly in the mix through Lebanon, altho, I do NOT believe anything will come of this.
I think it all posturing and bluff:


So, NAZI imperialist warfare galore upcoming.
See my post below for question posited about ersatz Opposition funding sources...

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