Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I repost the following, below, because, if no other idiots, at least I, myself, appreciate detailed and specific information provided within.
I imagine there MIGHT be some danger to the people involved broadcasting it, which is why it is all the more valuable.
Unfortunately, however, at the end, even remotely presuming Obooma harbors ANY concern for Iraq, its people, or any others, for that matter, much less any real opposition, is a ridiculously naive proposition.
They are in Iraq, the Middle East, etc., for INVESTMENT and PRIVATIZATION ONLY.
Counter-revolution in all its horrific glories.
One need only be reminded of WWII to understand the sacrificies and lengths to which they will go.
The last thing which NAZI CIA slave boy Obooma or ANY others complicit in crime, including traitor extraordinaire Jafar and his octopus, empire, care about are Iraq's "people."
They merely are collatoral, expendable damage in this most latest historical, counter-revolutionary, reactionary "enterprise, adventure."
They will destroy everyone and everything with abandon to assure, realize, garauntee their stated purposes and goals, namely, profit, PRIVATE enterprise, dividends, market share, monopoly cartel.
Woe upon those who do NOT comprehend the laws of social gravity:


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