Sunday, April 24, 2011


I do not have lots of time at the moment, but, could not resist posting the juicy little tidbit below/above, adding to my proliferating list of newly minted Middle East North Africa BLATANT, OPENS SECRETS, "emerging markets" start up investment companies, i.e., counter-revolution and reactionary privatization on ground floor entry levels.
Simply glance around their website for information for yourselves, noting WHERE, IN WHICH COUNTRIES, they are represented, their investment interests, RATES OF RETURN, Board, Management members, etc.
See IF you can figure out what is happening and why behind so many of our planted headlines, multitudinous mercenary covert ops, assorted and sundry labor, youth, religious, civic FRONT groups, brainwashed idiots.
Is that task too daunting a proposition for the dimwitted and lame brained of which much too many reside in Alice in Wonderland's Through A Looking Glass Darkly United Suckers and Assholes FINANCING THEIR project with taxpayer dollars, not to mention jobs, industries, lives lost, "this and so much more"??:

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