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Two posts today.
This and an earlier one below concerning Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, EMG, Wurmser, Israel, etc.
A Greek CP GENERAL global analysis below better than before regarding the subject matter above.
Still, however, NAZI/FASCIST pseudo Islamic ideologies NOT EXPLICITLY, OVERTLY, OUTRIGHT REJECTED, DENOUNCED, EXPOSED for what and whom they are, represent, the insidious role they play, who propagates them, how they function, their historical origins, lineage, background from NAZI WWII to post WWII anti-Communism crusades.
I add more about this specific subject matter in a separate post, just below.
As well, the insidious role of a new NAZI Switzerland economic slush and hush fund, revolving door, speculative, privatizing, MENASA bubble and GCC ARAB FRONT STATES.
As far as Israel and Palestine goes, why not ONE SECULAR STATE, PALESTINE, with ALL resources nationalized and borders restored??
Otherwise, overall, quite accurate and true, below.
The situation being far worse than the Greek CP describes.
The proverbial dike pops constantly with new holes as they desperately and futilely cling to lifesavers, attempting to plug up old ones, LIKE THAT CREATED ABOVE/BELOW, until eventually tidal waters rush in, the dike collapses and economic, political CHAOS, ANARCHY, UPHEAVAL ENSUE.
Just wait until United Suckers and Assholes outrageous, astronomical debt ceiling gets raised in the next couple of months!!
It really is quite remarkable, amazing watching people commit collective hari-kari, lemmings walking off a cliff, following Unser fearless Fuhrer to mass suicide.
Whomever are 'they' who say, "Ignorance Is Bliss."
The flip side of that expression being, "IGNORANCE KILLS!"
I can hardly wait.
Surely, the IMF to enter the picture.
I was amused when reading elsewhere on the homepage of the same Greek CP website someone apparently took an initiative to question, assess, nominal CPUSA leadership, Sam Webb, discovering what is widely and well known here.
A joke exists about our/their predicament, something to the effect:
"If all covert operatives, agents, infiltrators exited the CPUSA how many members would remain standing??"
The answer being, of course, very few, not many.
Especially leadership positions.
But, this situation has been a steadily d-evolving, purging, divisive one, literally and figuratively, since our 1950s US McCarthy Cold War anti-Communist witch hunt period.
Likewise, an important, major, significant CORRELATION being the reason why NO LEFT political leadership remains in our LABOR MOVEMENT, thus, no organized class opposition, since the Party was in leadership positions in the 1930s helping form many CIO unions.
During some of our previous, horrendous, NAZI Presidential campaigns, ONLY RALPH NADER's platform mentioned, demanded, REPEAL OF our NOTORIOUS, ANTI-LABOR AND ANTI-COMMUNIST 1947 TAFT-HARTLEY ACT!!
Not one union supported him!!
In Nader's FIRST run for President, however, one union DID support his candidacy.
Subsequently, however, even the CNA became affiliated with the AFL-CIA.
That being the end of that story.
I would add ALSO REPEAL OF our 1947 US NATIONAL SECURITY ACT, the BASIS for all else institutional, codified, UNELECTED, UNCONSTITUTIONAL post WWII NAZI State apparatus.
If you hear lots of people blabbing about Constitutionality, here, NOT ONE person mentions THE ABOVE.
Ironically, it was ONLY a very small LIBERTARIAN PARTY, sometime back, advocating repeal of our horrendous 1947 NSA as part of their platform.
But, they, too, subsequently DROPPED that demand.
NOWHERE is REPEAL, discussion of our 1947 NSA to be found anywhere on our entire political spectrum, despite the fact it represents THE KEY, watershed post WWII US period and historical transformation.
A fait accompli.
That is why and how we are where we are now.
It did not happen magically.
It did not fall out of the sky like Superman, a meteorite or other natural disaster, calamity, phenomena.
It was neither divine intervention nor preordained.
It was a MAN MADE, CONSCIOUS, MANUFACTURED policy decision, implementation, representing those ABOVE and below.
But, nobody seems to care much about historical accuracy here or elsewhere.
So, by way of a very rambling, circuitous introduction, here is a Greek CP analysis to which I refer above, finally:


And, then, read my EARLIER entry from today, just below...

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