Sunday, April 10, 2011


A generalized analysis, statement, below by the Greek CP international arm would be fine, EXCEPT, ONCE AGAIN, a gratuitous, MEANINGLESS SENTENCE singling out only 2 people, Saddam and Qaddafi, neither of whom fall into the categories defined!!
I can not fathom what is so terribly difficult and hard to understand and recognize that Middle East/North Africa formerly NATIONALIZED STATE INDUSTRIES AND RESOURCES in ALL countries of previous Pan-Arab SOCIALIST movements and THEIR REVOLUTIONS allied with the USSR are NOW PRIVATIZING, dismantling, resulting in mass economic dislocation and no subsidies.
These so-called "dictatorships" were just fine until PRIVATIZATION began.

Then, of course, it becomes a competition, contest WHO will get what on the privatization ground floor along with regional economic integration and monopoly cartel fighting.

The object, definition, being NOT to have revolution but to SAVE REVOLUTIONS which already HAPPENED as in Iraq and very much so in Libya and EXPAND them!!

Why all this convoluted verbiage and empty rhetoric when it is spelled out so clearly, but, it seems, to no one else??

I can only ASSUME the object being to obfuscate, blow smoke, COMPROMISE, a form of intentional collaboration and collusion.

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As a gratuity for this entry, below, ANOTHER concrete example amongst MANY FORMER state industries previously under "dictatorship" NOW privatizing.
I picked this one from Tunisia with INVESTORS from the Middle East/North Africa Switzerland, namely, NAZI GCC front states, "Islamic Finance" invested also in Albania and former Yugoslavia:

And, the above is why I URGE, DECLARE the following response, answer regarding Libya, Turkey and Egypt's military.

What are they/we supposed to do facing NAZI IMPERIALIST NATO/US/EU AND IRANIAN backed military INVASION, OCCUPATION, internal covert destabilization, criminal extortion, thugs, torture, intimidation??

Neither French nor Russian revolutions were VOTED into power!!

The ONLY reason the Russian Revolution, 10 Days That Shook the World, maintained itself was due to the RED ARMY!!

And, one of the few instances in which a modern Socialist Revolution and NATIONALIZATION was, indeed, VOTED into office was Chile's Salvador Allende.
And, all know what happened to him/them!!
So, with all above in mind, in conclusion:

And, here's another gratuity about what I label HERE AND THERE, TURKEY/US DEEP STATE activities:


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