Saturday, April 16, 2011


By way of introduction to other subject matter in my heading, I feature, below, a long, approximate 2 hour, recent US Congressional House Intelligence Committee hearing concerning Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.
ONLY ONE REASON I bother posting this link.
I thought some people MIGHT be interested to hear Egypt's AHMED SUBHY MANSOUR of an International Quranic Center testify.
Of course, you are welcome to listen to the entire hearing.
But, I am NOT advocating it.
This being a public, government sponsored event, do NOT expect the sort of information I have on my posts.
Their sources of information come from places such as Harvard, Rand Corporation, etc.
But, I thought MANSOUR'S testimony might be of interest, again, given parameters in which it occurs.
So, to save everyone the necessity of listening to a 2 hour hearing, look for a box in the link below entitled "TRANSCRIPT" with photos of testifying individuals.
Then, scroll down that TRANSCRIPT box for MANSOUR's name and picture and simply click onto it.
That will get you to Mansour's testimony directly.
So, look for BOTH times.
The sum total of MANSOUR'S testimony probably runs about 15 minutes or so.
He testifies around minute #29 AND hour/minute #1:44, towards the end, as you will see.
Also, if you press "CC" ("closed captioning" for hearing impaired) directly underneath the video, you get a WRITTEN transcript of what is said.
Mansour testifies in English.
However, transcripts sometimes are not too good, but, better than nothing.
So, I recommend LISTENING, if possible, then, looking at the transcript, if necessary.
And, I will return to the subject matter below:



Now for the meat of the matter.

Something I ponder.
Following, an earlier post when I reproduced an article from January, 2011, regarding Israel's Sheshinski Energy Committee TAX recommendations and an interview with Wurmser regarding Noble Energy and the US.
As you will see, THREATS to Israel regarding Sheshinski's energy tax recommendations are NOT veiled or idle ones.
Sheshinski ultimately pushed through higher energy taxes.
Not 80%.
But, higher, somewhere between 40-60%, I believe.
Not nationalization.
And, taxes can be easily avoided, as is done here by major corporations all the time.
Nonetheless, it represents a significant challenge, principle, power relationship upset.
Coincidental, propitious timing and MOST PROMINENT aspect of recent, sponsored Egypt "regime change" events piqued my interest.
The main result being, so far, all actors, sponsors, investors of MUBARAK'S EMG-ISRAEL gas deal GONE.
At minimum, export rates to be re-negotiated, or, possibly, the project may cease to exist.
At this point, its status being in limbo.
I did many posts on Egypt EMG-Israel contentious sweetheart gas deal.
I SPECULATE, HYPOTHESIZE that not so veiled threats by Wurmser on his/their CLIENT, VASSAL status power relationship and SHESHINSKI Committee challenge to it expressed in the relationships below led directly to Mubarak's subsequent elimination and dissolution of their sweetheart EMG-Israel gas deal as a punishment, consequence, for Sheshinski's challenge.
It's a lesson.
Further, it is not beyond the possible that Israel can be further sacrificed, if necessary.
One does NOT bite, oppose, the NAZI hand that feeds and owns you without major CONSEQUENCES.


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