Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One need only research a wee bit to find interconnections between WHO invests, partners with whom in WHAT and why SPONSORED regime change might occur by WHICH/WHOSE competitive interests.
Who benefits, who loses??
Cui bono??
So, the following/above PROMINENT NAMES, associations, figure in Syria's STRATEGIC PRIVATIZATION GROUND FLOOR BATTLE.
MUCH more information available on ALL above/below characters than a mere few links I provide FOR BEGINNERS below.
All are from from 2008.
Meanwhile, SYRIA'S CP is BANNED.
Can't imagine why, can you?:;%20charset=UTF-8

Another article from 2008 about CHAM HOLDING, MAKHLOUF associates and privatization:

And, one more good SAMPLE.
By the way, Gulfsands involved with Iraq:

After the above SAMPLING, you are on your own to research further.

And, in case you happened to miss it, I thought I would highlight a direct link to an INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS list in the 2011 US-Islamic World Forum just held that I featured on my previous post, below.
I really do suggest you peruse their names and website.
It's illuminating, instructive, like the information I feature above about Syria, Assad, Makhlouf, Cham Holding, Gulfsands murky economic ties:

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