Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Geez, can you imagine it, Iraq oil contract bidding delayed again, link below.
Can you guess why??

Although not explicitly named as such, previous gas contracts, to which referred below, obviously encompass Iraq, MidEast, JAFAR family traitor extraordinaire overlapping, interconnected, concentric circles of DANA GAS, ABRAAJ, CRESCENT OIL empire, octopus fame.

I recall reading in the last few days a small item Abraaj plans greater expansion into Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
I made mental note of it BECAUSE
, I figure, SPARKS will fly there, next, since death and destruction follow HIM/THEM EVERYWHERE he/they go:



A small confirmation regarding ABRAAJ expansion in Southeast Asia:



"A MODEST PROPOSAL" (*Jonathan Swift):

One easy SOLUTION exists to all THEIR many contradictions and conflicts posed above and throughout my previous posts.
Place entire PLANET EARTH FOR SALE in one large, fell swoop.
A LARGE, GLOWING NEON SIGN posted at both ends of our planet, North and South Poles, advertising PLANET EARTH FOR SALE.
IF "intelligent" extraterrestrial life exists somewhere in the universe most likely such prime cosmic real estate will attract them.
I recall deceased astronomer Carl Sagan spending much of his career hypothesizing, trying to prove, "intelligent, sentient beings" other than ourselves exist beyond our tiny, blue marble we call home.
I agree with Sagan on a statistical basis its seems improbable we are unique, alone, in an INFINITE universe, or, infinitely large universe.
For sure, isolation expresses hubris.
Unfortunately, finding these posited extraterrestrial "intelligent beings" and/or communicating with them poses an equally infinite dilemma.
So, hopefully, such a lo-tech sign recommended above will solve all our problems at once.
Instead of us looking for them, they will find us.
Another alternative on a theme, in case we get tired waiting for a Columbus type extraterrestrial rescue, discovery.
The US simply can purchase Planet Earth in one fell swoop.
Since US national debt, estimated somewhere between $7-14-20 TRILLION upwards, what's a few TRILLION more or less between friends, represents complete fiction, NAZI VOODOO ECONOMICS, what difference does it make IF the US adds a few more zeros simply to purchase Planet Earth outright.
Or, perhaps, $14-20 TRILLION sufficient for the job without additional zeros.
Historical precedence exists for the above suggestion.
Not too long ago, historically speaking, the US DID purchase, acquire, from Russia what is Alaska AND from the French the Louisiana Purchase, multiplying US territory west of the Mississippi River significantly without fighting.
So, much easier just to purchase outright rather than fight over land, labor and resources.
Then, ALL the planets inhabitants will become partnered, an extension of, co-owners, slaves, participants, investors in US national debt, making life much easier and simpler for all combined.
Thus, will be made real a penultimate apogee of Marx's capitalist COMMODITY FETISHISM.
Planet Earth SKY NOT being THE limit, boundary.
There exists still Planet Earth "orbiting space," our solar system, moon, Mars, etc.
The physically large, small and US debt ceiling coming together expressing one divine unity.
Praise Be The Lord!!
Sing Hallelujah!!
AND A VOCIFEROUS MAYDAY TO ALL EVERYWHERE, EXCEPT, OF COURSE, HERE, in United Suckers and Assholes unhappy homeland.

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