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An addendum to my post just below this one.
This being a more current, March, 2010, development as opposed to 2008 links in my post from yesterday:  

One more on the same subject:

Below a direct link to EFG-HERMES website and Board of Directors from which one can peruse.
Some of the usual, interlocking, overlapping, intersecting suspects along with a few new names introduced:

Another name pops up and out at me.
A supposed Syrian businessman, Firas Tiass, and 30% investor in EFG-Hermes newly minted Syrian Private Equity Fund.
First, a plain vanilla introduction I found:

Then, something alittle bit different regarding Firas Tlass.
A DIA acronym in the heading, below, means US Defense Intelligence Agency which represents a DEEP cover, DEEP state, covert, operation.
The link below REFERS (not complete or thorough) to what I remember and mentioned in a previous post as subsequently SUPPRESSED information from a private investigation appearing in, at that time, a weekly print business journal, Barrons (**footnote below), into the CAUSE and CULPRITS of the Lockerbie bombing incident, then attributed to Qaddafi, but really a CIA, Lebanon DRUG nexus:

And, now, another SHORT article about the nefarious, internecine, drug connections represented above.
I MUST advise everyone, illegal, undercover, illicit, international drug cartel operations, for obvious reasons, are difficult to verify online.
They are NOT my specialty.
So, the full extent of these activities can not be represented by one or two links.
Nonetheless, it gives one an IDEA, FLAVOR of the research, outline, contours, characters and relationships, which, by the way, NOT mentioned, extend upwards to money laundering circles including investment BANKS, such as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, their international cohorts and partners, government protection agencies, rackets, etc.
And, NOW, an even more deadly, pernicious, insidious development than that represented above and below, MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA INDUSTRIAL, NATURAL RESOURCE, FINANCIAL PRIVATIZATION and STATE ASSET LIQUIDATION:


I found Barron's published date for their investigation on the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing, to which I make reference above.
It is/was December 17, 1989.
If you look under a subheading, "CIA DRUG SMUGGLING," in the link following you will see the Barron reference along with extensive footnotes:

And, then, read my previous posts...

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