Monday, January 16, 2012


A few QUICK, short, brief, terse comments as I am pressed for time at the moment.
Could not resist.
To be continued later, perhaps.
This sort of represents continuum from my two previous posts below, minus a brief Musical Interlude, beginning with a DUBAI NAZI FAMILY INC investment agency meet and greet and then, subseqently, an "Arab" NAZI FAMILY member Greek visit to inspect investments, contingent, of course, upon "reform."
Then, another note.
Greek events, opposition, resistance, as that represented below could/would NEVER occur here, in Alice in Wonderland Land of Oz.
First, we, that is, United Suckers and Assholes, NO longer have State, public, collectively, socialized, NOT FOR PROFIT, tax supported municipal utilities.
All being privately owned, or, as euphemistically called, public-private partnerships, into which our COMPROMISED, PARTNERED, COLLABORATIVE NAZI labor union hierarchy, AFL-CIA, SEIU, invest pension funds, taxpayer subsidies for publicly held DEBT to PRIVATE financial institutions for the above named investments, etc.
Second, we NO longer have Communist led labor unions of any sort, kind, either, latter being a corollary, function, a circular cause and effect.
US Communist led labor unions and Party having long been infiltrated, penetrated, coopted, purged, etc., subsequent to a US 1947 NSA, National Security (INSTITUTIONALIZED, CODIFIED, NAZI) Act, Administration, State apparatus, permanent, unelected government, etc.
That's why our labor unions STILL cannot locate Greece on a map. So, enjoy, celebrate, your newly found GREEK ARAB SPRING of liberty, democracy, freedom, state dismantlement, or, as I call it, ARAB (GREEK) NIGHTMARE, REIGN OF TERROR:

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