Saturday, January 14, 2012


Consider a following report, information, regarding above/below subject matter as POSTSCRIPT, addendum, EXTENSION from my earlier entry yesterday, just below this one.
I reiterate, re-emphasize, repeat, warn, promise ALL regarding previous Greek CP, KKE, international MidEast position statements CARRYING WATER, OBLIVIOUS TO, IN DENIAL OF, INTERESTED PARTIES REPRESENTED BELOW, ONE DOES SO AT YOUR OWN DANGER, RISK, AND, AS SUCH, GUARANTEED TO PAY A VERY BIG PRICE, COST along with EVERYONE AND ALL ELSE:

And, then, see my earlier entry from yesterday, just below, concerning BRZEZINSKI, SCOWCROFT, ET.AL., their GREATER PRIVATE MAFIOSO NAZI "FAMILY INC.," as they, not I, so aptly describe themselves, in a recent DUBAI MEET and greet, i.e., conspiracy.
ALL above/below now representing IMF financiers, funders, partners, investors, contributors and, of course, thanks to US NAZI PARTNERED LABOR MOVEMENT, disgusting, sickening, various and sundry front groups, our "YES MEN AND WOMEN" SUPPORT US DEBT CEILING INCREASES, and, I am quite sure, TO REQUEST AND SUPPORT MORE TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES, BOONDOGGLE, DEBT, SHORTLY for PRIVATE CORPORATIONS and their entire reactionary endeavor as represented above/below.
Occupy one's mind movement being nothing but hypocritical, cynical, SUBTERFUGE, distraction, diversion, theatre, entertainment away from and for ALL ENABLING policies represented above/below...

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