Thursday, January 5, 2012


A splendid little insight, analysis, below, as to WHOM, WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHICH extortion, protection, rackets MAY lay behind a recent spate of Egypt-Israel serial gas pipeline sabotage, explosions, bombs.
Of course, I can NOT verify IF information as reported being accurate.
But, ASSUMING so, in turn, Bedouins MIGHT partner with someone else.
They MAY not act solely on their own behalf.
That is another, second POSSIBILITY to consider when considering additional alternatives:

And someone else below MUST read MY posts.
Following definitely qualifies as TODAY'S JOKE!
I laughed hysterically when first I read it.
In previous posts I DID suggest a ubiquitous, absurd, mythological, misnomered, "Islamic" finance necessitated parallel developments like Kosher, Christian, Buddhist, Orthodox, etc., finance, investment funds, etc.
I even invented an investment fund and named it, inviting people to send it/me money, which, alas, nobody did.
Well, BELOW I am OUT DONE for sure!!
Reality imitates fiction, satire!!
I ask you, between above and below, WHICH, WHOSE, WHOM, PROTECTION, EXTORTION, RACKET DO YOU PREFER, Arab Bedouin or Kosher??
Mediterranean food having overlapping roots, personally, I opt as much as possible for authentic Arab cuisine, thus, I pick Bedouin protection, extortion racket.
But, that being merely point of personal preference.
I think it time to create a NEW finance, investment fund, one significantly detached, away from, mainstream religion.
Like, for example, APPROPRIATELY descriptive, aptly named, "VOODOO" finance, investment fund?

So, below, some food for thought, ingenuous "KOSHER" energy!!:

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