Thursday, January 12, 2012


Latest scuttlebutt, a POSSIBILITY one of our twin, dueling, bifurcated, United Suckers and Assholes Fascist/Nazi garbage heap here called Democratic Party MIGHT replace their current resident top trash can and titular President Obooma Bimbo with nominal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, instead, at the head of a 2012 Presidential ticket.

Or, perhaps, replace Hillary as VP in Biden's place, change places and rotate, which will mollify those supporting Hillary in previous presidential primaries in the first place, the "great uniter" having terminally divided the Democratic Party.

Either way, Hillary becomes, remains, stays, President, just like now.

IF that scenario comes to pass, however, our PREORDAINED, PREDETERMINED, CONTROLLED s-election power scenario continues with Clinton finishing her Democratic term and Romney most likely following in the next round instead of this one.


BOTH DEAD MEAT, GOING DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, GONE, relatively simultaneous, concurrent events.

By which I mean this year, 2012.

I have NOT been able to calculate IF Iran regime change and CONGRUENCY destined to occur prior to our November Presidential s-election, thus, precipitating and justifying change, or, after our s-election process.

Either way, dumping Obooma Bimbo NO problem whatsoever since he is so obviously, painfully, inarticulate, rambling, incoherent, ineffective, an absolute, zero, vacuum, LIKE HIS BUSH PREDECESSOR before him.
A Bush-Obooma vacuum.

Obooma, a windup automaton, simply has NO CLUE whatsoever what to do, say, beyond scripted cue cards, teleprompter, etc.
It is agonizingly embarrassing, pathetic, when he speaks with such demagoguery, exhortation, rants, platitudes and always an OBVIOUSLY ORCHESTRATED BACKDROP of planted idiots standing behind him.

Since Obooma's career was manufactured in the first place, a CIA asset, like his mother before him, what do they expect?

A giant disappointment, despite all his/their Nazi youth rallies.

Hillary has, on the other hand, behind her a REAL career, thus, intimate knowledge of power elites both here and abroad and subject matters about which she DELIVERS, MAKES and CARRIES OUT US NAZI POLICY.

Unlike our current resident windup Bimbo toy puppet in the White House, Clinton and/or Romney can DELIVER and ad lib speeches convincingly, that is, of course, for our over abundance of idiots and morons.

Some time back I posed a hypothetical.

IF one/you were in a law court being tried for whatever nominal crime it is/was you supposedly committed and one/you had only one of two lawyers to represent you, Hillary Clinton or Obooma, which one, whom, would you chose?
Hands down, NO CONTEST, question about it, I would chose HILLARY.

Hillary being to brain dead US NAZI Dictatorship more or less like Merkel is to Germany or Thatcher to Britain, REPRESENTING COSMETIC, STYLISTIC, CHANGE, but, NOT substance.

Substance remains the same ALWAYS in our land of near, approximate, 99% stupidity, ignorance, bread and circus, sham politics, degradation, thanks to a FASCIST PARTNERED, INVESTED, CRIMINAL, GANGSTER, EXTORTIONIST, BLACKMAIL, LABOR INCORPORATED YES MEN AND WOMEN RACKETEERS, AFL-CIA & SEIU, their clones here and abroad, myriad institutional front groups, human rights, academia, media, etc.

Wholesale NAZI STATE APPARATUS, compliance, complicity, denial, collaboration, compromise.

ALL those private corporations receiving GOBS OF TAXPAYER MONIES thru DEBT, STIMULUS, DOING VERY WELL, THANK YOU, from Rockefeller's Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Exxon to well connected Carlyle Group, health care care, real estate, INTO WHICH ALL ABOVE INVESTED.

So, ALL RESPONSIBLE actors suffer "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" as consequence, repercussion, of their OWN actions or inaction, as the case may be.
That, folks, in colloquial vernacular, idiomatic expression and all that jazz, being, I believe, "Cool or Kool!!"
"Hi 5!" or "Give me some skin!"
From a previous entry I did some expressive photos showing just HOW COOL/KOOL is poetic justice:


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