Friday, January 13, 2012


In case everyone forgot them, a reminder, update.
An illustrious, (French OR English version) "formidable," bunch of UNconstitutional National Security Council folks, a PERMANENT US NAZI State apparatus, government, established in a 1947 National Security Act, standing ALWAYS behind change places and rotate elected and ocassionally assassinated officials, prime representatives meet happily where else, but, in their latest, burgeoning, infant, baby, counter-revolutionary, PRIVATIZING MidEast sands speculative bubble project.
By the way, let us all remember, since most everybody, at least HERE, suffers long and short term amnesia, Paul Bremer, Iraq occupation architect of death, destruction, dislocation, dismemberment, destabilization, doom, is/was infamous KISSINGER, i.e., ROCKEFELLER/CFR, protege, associate, whom, in turn, Kissinger, is/was protege, associate, of former NAZI German General Fritz Kraemer AND post WWII Senior Plans Officer in our newly minted US Pentagon as part and parcel of an UNconstitutional 1947 NSAct.
But, never mind all that.
Who can bother with FACTS??
So, below a NAZI GANG SUPREME, EXTRAORDINAIRE, conspire together, conspiracy, in one big happy or unhappy Dubai NAZI FAMILY meet and greet:

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