Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Not absolutely sure WHAT it signifies but both NAZI DICTATORSHIP (Secretary of State) PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON AND US TREASURY DEBT CZAR TIMOTHY GEITHNER reportedly NOT to remain in office IF a second Obooma Administration comes to pass.
Both leaving, departing, say, promise, they, in chorus, unison.
Technically, Geithner says Obooma will not ask him to stay another term, but, of course, reality being the opposite.

Debt Czar Boss, US DEBT SHIP OF STATE Captain Geithner, employer, tells employee, Obooma, he plans abandoning him to a sinking, stinking, rotting Ship of State HE helped create in the first place.

IF both Secretary of Debt, Treasury and State (President) Rats announce their premature disembarkation, how does it augur for a putative Second Obooma Administration??
Not good to me.

What is it they know the rest of us do not??

Meanwhile, Fatso NEWT distraction almost finished.

Served its purpose already.

Another TRILLION more or less debt ceiling increase, therefore, Newt disappears, fading away fairly soon.

Newt's meteoric star rose suddenly, a la
Andy Warhol's brief, short lived, 10 seconds or minutes of fame, I think a Warhol quote IF I recall correctly, thanks to help from our crappy, crass, commercial media making oodles, gobs, of money on a charade, theater, entertainment, bread and circuses, called s-elections.

Another subsidy to PRIVATE corporate coffers.

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