Wednesday, June 20, 2012


"Ya gotta" admit, this stuff erroneously misnomered journalism is hilarious, like stand up comedy. 
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I must be on a roll regarding joke, laugh, of the day.

Geez, they, IRAQ/BAGHDAD Maliki so-called government "sent a warning letter to US President Obooma!!"
Imagine their/his chutzpah!!
Was it "snail mail," our Postal Service delivery system? 
Maybe Obooma inadvertently misplaced it, lost in the shuffle somehow??
What about a "hot line?"
(Don't they have email and telephone these days??)
How about making, addressing, requests, letters, instead, to Santa Claus in the North Pole to help out. 
Just a friendly suggestion, piece of advice.
Or, even better yet, GOD, oops, excuse me, ALLAH??
Got it wrong.
It's important knowing to WHICH Deity, Pagan, Orthodox, Reform, Establishment, one must direct requests, prayers.

Hey guys, hate to tell "yawl" but it's a done deal.
Besides, Obooma does NOTHING without parental guidance, namely, his benefactor and Patron Saint, NAZI ROCKEFELLER EXXON/MORGAN/CITIGROUP, 
Obooma mannequin puppet to be gone soon anyway:

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