Wednesday, June 13, 2012


First, dispensing with a few miscellaneous domestic notes.

US FINANCIAL/BUSINESS TV cable media finally acknowledges Goliath ROCKEFELLER/JP MORGAN CHASE London Whale brouhaha represents political partisan THEATRE, CIRCUS, POSTURING, GRANDSTANDING, especially regarding US Congressional hearings, as I indicate many times over, since all/most US government Congressional Representatives one way or another receive monies, funding, subsidies, from those above, PERMANENT GOVERNMENT, INSTITUTIONS.

A Morgan Whale expose DOES, however, relate to Obooma's upcoming Presidential s-election disaster fiasco, process, and, as such, will continue dominating news with further revelations, scandals, etc., until s-election time.

I can not help but laugh as our SAME Business TV Stations so PROUDLY advertise (ROCKEFELLER) CITI (CITIGROUP) supporting a POST WWII GERMAN MARSHALL FUND reconstruction plan and other such good historical things, like, Panama Canal and so forth.
I RETURN to PRECEDING subject matter later on, towards the end of my post.

Finally, a FACT SO-O-O IN ONE'S FACE, right before everyone's nose, I see NO need to say it.
But, since everyone seems to suffer from collective amnesia, an OBVIOUS FACT presented below.

US ROCKEFELLER CLAN/FAMILY/DYNASTY Goliath is, was, PROMINENT both OUTSIDE and INSIDE our US Political Establishment long before and since POST WWII.


So, for those having lived under a rock most of their adult lives and for whom this information comes as complete shock, below, a SNAPSHOT SANITIZED link regarding US DEMOCRAT West Virginia Senator Jay ROCKEFELLER AND FAMILY career, background.

W. Virginia Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller, as indicated below, until recently, served as CHAIRMAN on a prominent US SENATE SELECT INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE, a LIMITED insider group privy exactly to what it says in terms of information:


So, dispensing with those domestic items, on to other, but, very much related, international affairs.


A British newspaper below DETAILS who, whom, what, which, entities contribute to an ever ESCALATING, EXPANDING, SPIRALING, INCREASING, MIDEAST, SYRIAN, WARFARE, VIOLENCE, CONFLAGRATION; information EVERYBODY who is anybody already KNOWS. 

Keep in mind, IF one has a great misfortune to reside HERE, one hears and sees almost, virtually, NOTHING about anything above/below. 

Invisible, out of sight, out of mind, like Iran IN Iraq, Senator Rockefeller and so on.

But, a British publication, as in the case of most all other mass propaganda, public, media arms, outlets, so-called information sources, forgets to mention WHY, reasons, everyone fights everyone else.

It is NOT caused by some irrational, inexplicable, unfathomable, intrinsic, endemic, enigmatic, genetic, communal, virulent, disease, pathology, hatred, venom.

Certainly NOT religious, ethnic, gender, IDENTITY POLITICS, although ALL exacerbated, which serve as FIG LEAFS, COVER, utilized as explanation by most everyone, but, plain old vanilla economic IMPERIALIST, COLONIALIST, CAPITALIST, RIVALRIES, COMPETITION, EXPANSION, PROFIT, monopoly, market control, cartel, emanating from THEIR most reactionary PRIVATIZING project what was formerly NATIONALIZED, STATE RESOURCES, INDUSTRY and/or SERVICES:

I add, highlight, below purely FOR ENTERTAINMENT and ILLUSTRATIVE purpose, another proliferating REPRESENTATIVE conference, panel, organization, think tank, event, etc., which I describe as a  LIBERAL/HUMANITARIAN NAZI-FASCIST UNITED, UBER ALLES, convocation and global growth industry.
An oxymoron??

NAZI/FASCIST humanitarian global and domestic manufactured, partnered, invested, bogus, ersatz, fake opposition, Democrats, MOST CERTAINLY US AFL-CIA, SEIU labor unions, Occupy sponsored movement, etc., all fall into my generalized descriptive category above/below.

It goes as follows.

First "we/they," PRIVATE NAZI/FASCIST interests, destroy, invade, flatten, bomb back into the Stone Ages, tear down, occupy, infiltrate, penetrate, destroy, ALL AND ANY NATIONALIZED sovereign STATE entities and what social infrastructure, fabric, etc., did/does exist. 

Then, we/they return subsequently with HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE, AID, RECONSTRUCTION, A LA a POST WWII taxpayer sponsored MARSHALL PLAN, to REPAIR, REBUILD, FINANCE, FIX what THEY destroy in the first place, BUT, SECOND TIME AROUND WITH PRIVATE CAPITAL INVESTMENT, as in CITI'S proud advertisement regarding their POST WWII US TAXPAYER sponsored GERMAN MARSHALL PLAN.

For those with a few brains remaining, I warn, advise, have nearby, handy, a vomit bag as you watch/listen to the following pious choir congregational refrain.

I assure, guarantee, both intellect and emotions enraged and insulted.

I give it an "X" rating, dangerous to children, one's mental health and unstable individuals.
Warning, advisory: do NOT throw things at your computer screen.

One personal aside, indulgence, comment.
I can not help noting SOME speakers, panelists, MAY read MY posts, especially when it relates to linguistic and cultural deficit problems.

Perhaps I ought to send them a fee, BILL, for consultation services rendered involuntarily to aid my/our/your/one's enemy:



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