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I apologize for error!)

WWII facts, exposes, revelations, leaks, scandals, proliferate rapidly, COME TOGETHER, in a continued, ongoing, HISTORICAL NAZI saga.
TIMING NOT coincidence, in MY opinion.

So, a small roundup, snapshot, reminder.

THAT BEING MY POINT in an otherwise futile exercise.

BELOW, another current Italian political expose, scandal, and volcanic brouhaha erupts regarding infamous POST WWII VATICAN BANCO AMBROSIANO, God's Banker, and Roberto CALVI and Calvi's supposed "suicide" death by hanging, NOTABLY, however, this time around, MORGAN STANLEY mentioned by name!

I did a few previous posts on NAZI accumulated blood money, booty, by God's Vatican Banker and THEIR POST WWII Latin America and elsewhere NAZI RAT, escape, line.

So, to begin, recent God's Banker "revelations."
NUMEROUS articles, links, appear on this subject.
I select one randomly, arbitrarily: 

Then, slightly older, interesting, interview FROM our US 9/11 tragedy points to SOME OBVIOUS information EASILY, READILY, AVAILABLE regarding our US State Sponsored NAZI reign of terror regime, Reichstag Fire of sorts, but, NOT, along with ALOT else, like, for instance, Sibel Edmonds testimony, amongst others, mentioned in subsequent US Congressional pandering WHITEWASH COMMITTEE 9/11 coverup hearings.

All above interwoven with "anti-Communist" illicit, illegal, drug trade monies FLOWING, INVESTED, sanitized, laundered, eventually, finally, into places like Citigroup and other banks including, possibly, most likely, Morgan Stanley as well.

Additionally, I did posts on a MIDEAST CIA DRUG network, connections to/with Lebanon, Syria, and, Pan Am Flight 103 disaster, erroneously blaming Libya's Ghaddafi for it (**see a reference link below), and, of course, Afghanistan, Pakistan sponsored ISI drug, tribal, war lords and Alfred McCoy's famous book on:
"The Politics of Heroine in Southeast Asia,"
written during our Vietnam era fiasco.

So, next, below, a video concerning Mohammad Atta of 9/11 fame and his Florida escapades.

As an aside, personally, I do NOT believe Atta ever actually boarded planes which then slammed into the WTC on 9/11.

My reasoning has to do with some  witness testimony, facts, evidence, I managed to ascertain, piece together, despite 9/11 White Wash Congressional COVER UP, making dubious, putting into question, CONTRADICTIONS concerning Atta's whereabouts, location, and, TIMING, during and before 9/11 events:



**And, as mentioned above, ONE reference link regarding former Pan Am flight 103 bomb explosion coverup and Scotland tragedy:


Finally, against a backdrop of ALL and MORE, a long laundry list of obscenities, another horrific, BARBARIC, IRAQ EXECUTION!!

Should not this process BE REVERSED??


Is that asking too much??:

And, then, knowing full well what a cynical, hypocritical, parade, charade, as that existing above, I am, one is, expected to go forth, multiply, be prolific, civil to, complicit with, INSANE CRIMINAL MANIACS, LUNATICS, MASS MURDERERS given LEGITIMACY, in POWER, most EVERYWHERE.

Why not open ALL jail cells and let everyone OUT??

After all, ANY ONE criminal act, conviction, most likely poverty driven and DRUG!! related, PALES in comparison to those walking around ABOVE Scot Free, AMPLY REWARDED, remunerated, to top it off!! 

Where are proliferating self-help groups, teaching workshops, gurus, instructing all, you/me/we, on HOW TO SURVIVE, ADJUST, REMAIN SANE, OBLIVIOUS TO, LIFE UNDER LUNATIC NAZI/FASCIST ALICE IN WONDERLAND DICTATORSHIP REGIMES??

I'm afraid such advice remains long dead and gone, buried underground, sacrificed by the MANY MILLIONS during previous NAZI Dictatorships.
They, by definition, no longer give witness to me/you/us on how to survive NAZI onslaughts.

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