Wednesday, June 20, 2012


With so many BIG, major, NEWS events, developments, happening around the world a following brief US item MAY seem minor, irrelevant, trivial, a piece of fluff, nothing.

BUT, I found myself laughing aloud hysterically when first reading it, considering, ironically, I did a post just a few days back this month, POINTING OUT AN OH SO-O-O OBVIOUS in your/one/everyone's face FACT/S to which it relates.

(I LINK to that post, again, AFTERWARDS, below.)

It is what, which, FACT/S, they do NOT print, neglect, below about which I REMIND everyone in my earlier post, later??

Is it any wonder I say I live in Alice in Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly, or, COMATOSE nation??

By the way, AGAIN, for those continuing to live under a hard rock, boulder, mountain, built of denial, ignorance, bliss, West Virginia is as EVERYONE HERE KNOWS part of an Appalachian Mountain COAL producing region.

"Coal is King," says an expression.

And, guess who OWNS, CONTROLS, "represents" West Virginia, as you can readily see for yourselves and as my link below indicates.

And, by the way, guess who coincidentally happens to be current PRESIDENT of US AFL-CIA Incorporated National MAFIA controlled, NAZI partnered, umbrella labor organization??
United Mineworkers Union/Association PRESIDENT, Richard TRUMKA, with its subsequent POST WWII trail, record, repertoire, of ASSASSINATION, MURDER INC., etc.
So, amusing link, FIRST:

Next, my PREVIOUS entry, NOTING West Virginia SENATOR of ROCKEFELLER fame, family, dynasty:

This is, of course, a FAR CRY from former, previous, USA-UMW President JOHN L. LEWIS!!
I searched youtube for a GOOD CLIP representing UMW John L. Lewis, but, unfortunately, most of what I found available was NOT audible, at least, to me, AND, said very little.
Choice limited.
So, a news clip following from 1935 being the most AUDIBLE.
It suffices by default.
Style, obviously, representing a period time piece:

However, IF you want to see an EXCELLENT, superb, CLASSIC documentary, cinema verite, concerning relatively recent, modern, KENTUCKY COAL mining, union, labor organizing and related politics, be sure to view independent filmmaker Barbara Koppel's award winning 1973:
"Harlan County, USA":

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