Saturday, June 23, 2012


An adage, expression, above, used in most recent collective memory by Malcolm X at a time of then US President KENNEDY ASSASSINATION, COUP, describing US CIA sponsored ANTI-COMMUNIST activities abroad, THEN domestic housekeeping.

Malcolm X, himself, to be assassinated later ONLY after leaving, EXPOSING, DENOUNCING, hypocritical "religious" LEADER FARRAKHAN of EQUALLY BOGUS US ISLAMIC FRONT, HATE, drug infested organization, namely, NATION OF ISLAM, still existing.

Basically, an entire POST WWII NAZI GLOBAL ANTI-COMMUNIST SPONSORED apparatus, edifice, House that Jack built so assiduously, arduously, disintegrating, evaporating, melting like icebergs from climate change before their very eyes, those same architects who create it in the first place, like their lovely little sculpted Euro currency masterpiece.

ALL Pyrrhic Cold War victories.
Chickens Coming Home to Roost.

Having elaborately setup, funded, SO MANY different flavored, competing, labor, educational, academic, media, cultural, civic, internet, religious, FRONT groups, covet ops, mercenaries, surrogate armies, coups, assassinations, etc., under so many different guises and categories, from religious, humanitarian, drug and war Lords, Freedom Fighters, democracy, labor, political, ethnic, religious self-determination, etc., ALL unleashed now in their own interminable, internecine, incestuous, hot and cold WAR struggles, battles, IRRESOLVABLE, INTRACTABLE, COMPETING, PROLIFERATING RATS, VERMIN, with NO resolution in sight except deepening external and internal CLASS CONTRADICTION, concomitant warfare and ultimate SYSTEMIC, economic, COLLAPSE!

All fall apart, like Humpty Dumpty following Berlin Wall, USSR, demise, fruits of YOUR/THEIR hard labor.

Only one SOLUTION being possible, inevitable, "return to a PRINCIPLED place, position, from whence this journey began, or, torn down," in this instance.
What tragic waste of energy, lives, resources, a blip, sidetrack, in human historical evolution.

It is as if "THEY" decided FOR ALL of Planet Earth citizens to enter a project "reversing" time, flow, direction, energy, gravity, trajectory and went about it oblivious to force, dynamics, direction, power, to make it ALL happen, rivers to flow upstream, etc.

Yes, theoretically it is possible to accomplish such a grand engineering feat PERHAPS in ONE isolated, individual, project, but, an equally HIGH price to be paid in energy and resources to maintain and keep it flowing as such.

It is complete HUBRIS, totally, theoretically and practically IMPOSSIBLE, futile, entertaining such gargantuan, Herculean, Sisyphean, tasks EVERYWHERE.

Or, in another slightly modified Proverbial expression:
"Boys plugging holes in leaking, overflowing, dikes EVERYWHERE simultaneously."

Such SCIENTIFIC concepts are NOT difficult for most people to follow, I HOPE, but, alas, when it comes to HUMAN ORGANIZATION ("SCIENCE AND SOCIETY"), teachers, professionals, media, pundits, think tanks, politicians, an entire NAZI Establishment reverberating echo chamber, their brains screech to a grinding halt, going into paroxysms of sudden, instant death, paralysis.

ALL reverse intellectual gear, revert opportunistically to oblivion, denial, irrationality, reborn, perhaps, as Fundamentalists of varying stripes, hues, complexions.

Never would they dare propose conducting natural SCIENCE in such  IRRATIONAL, inconsistent, illogical, manner as that expressed above, negating the very essence, definition, core meaning, value, existence, of scientific methodology, reason, rationality, enlightenment.

But, when arriving at above subject matter, consistency, rationality, scientific, FACTUAL, methodology and theory flies out the window, ignored, refuted, debated, denied, distorted, contorted, modified, adjusted, rewritten, and so on, for their own, as I indicate, short term, immediate, opportunistic purposes, monetary reason, career, etc.

Well, THEY/YOU/ONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, repercussions, implications, when FACTS, reality, become intentionally ignored, obscured, denied, distorted, contorted, adjusted, replaced by obscurantist obfuscation, medieval methodologies, Sophistry, magical, mystical, thinking of any and all sorts.

I doubt many voluntarily, knowingly, willingly, for example, would CHOOSE to live, return to, a retrograde, primitive, medieval, Dark, Ancient, prehistoric Age, world, including disease, medicine, physics, chemistry, art, literature, CAUSATION, natural science, a FLAT and/or Earth centered universe with its panoply of  Deities, spirits, miasma, ether, bloodletting, superstition, (and MANY slaves), warfare, etc., with ALL subsequent SCIENCE repudiated, disowned, disavowed, ignored.

But, precisely THAT being what ALL are asked to do by accepting A/THEIR profoundly retrograde, IRRATIONAL, insane, lunatic, sociopath, economic SYSTEM premised upon PRIVATE, personal, natural resource and industrial ownership, GREED, primitive capital accumulation, individual acquisition, aggrandizement, anal retention, through PRIVATE appropriation of collective production, distribution and natural resource assets.

As a species, THANKFULLY, human social organization TRANSCENDS its former, earlier, developmental stage.
Science, reason, enlightenment, being THE/A/OUR SPECIES COLLECTIVE crowning achievement, accomplishment.
A TRUE miracle.

One cannot shove a Genie back into its bottle by DENYING accumulated knowledge, fundamental first principles and causes of nature AND society.
Either one understands, recognizes, respects, manipulates and operates within KNOWN, understood, parameters, limits, or, ALL to perish in mass species extinction, suicide, self-annihilation.
Human social organization, direction, being a SELF-CONSCIOUS construct.
A collective CHOICE to make, take, change, NOT  involuntary, passive, objects acted upon by natural disaster, catastrophe, calamity, supernatural Deities, spirits, animism.

Either we solve problems COLLECTIVELY OR perish together.

ANSWERS are NOT rocket science, not anywhere near as challenging, daunting, dangerous, difficult, problematic as, for example, HUMAN intergalactic, planetary, cosmic, space, travel!!

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