Thursday, June 21, 2012


Below, two different headlines, news reports, one concerning RUSSIA and EXXON, another RUSSIA and SYRIA.

Do I need to spell it out for you regarding causal connections, despite lame excuses reported below??

Besides, as posted in my previous entries, IRAQ TRAITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE JAFAR clan dynasty GULFTAINER partnered with Russia/PUTIN.
So, FIRST, Exxon and Russia:

Then, as night follows day, RUSSIA AND SYRIA:

For a brief refresher course on the above subject matter from my previous posts, first, one entry regarding JAFAR GULFTAINER and PUTIN/RUSSIA.
Reminder, don't forget.
ALLAWI PARTNERED in one or more JAFAR enterprise:

Embedded in post above, following link.
But, here it is anyway.
RED and BOLD type MY emphasis:  

Lest you forget, a smiling photo opportunity of NAZI PARTNERED PUTIN and EXXON, ending with handshakes all around:

Lastly, another earlier post regarding NAZI JAFAR/ABRAAJ/NAQVI/DEUTSCHE BANK,
"...the gang's all here, what the heck do I care..." (song, tune lyrics)
See embedded link, first/top one, within post below
which STILL works, I tested it, for above subject and additional matters:

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