Monday, September 15, 2008


Following up from my previous blog, "Regime Change Update," below, first, regarding Finland, Scandinavia and NATO expansion, from the misnomer Democratic "peace" candidate's group, the Baltic Caucus,

Then, coincident with the above, regarding Finnish investment into Turkey, including, of course, Akbank, i.e., Citigroup-Akbank-Parsian,

More on NATO and Turkey,

Further on the Nabucco pipeline and its "alternative gas sources," like Iraq,

And, on that same point, alternative to Russian gas supplies to Europe from Iran,

Then, "Oil Giants Flock to Iraq Auction," which, they say, includes Gazprom, but, I would imagine Gazprom will not be included.
Perhaps, Lukoil.

Still, PRESENTLY it is a fee-based arrangement,

And, for those of you who have already forgotten the most recent lovely little war in Gaza, recall, who was victorious and why it was initiated, "Egypt Resumes Pumping Gas to Israel," and the EMG versus the PA-BG gas deal,

As for the US, it's a done deal. What's happens here, economically, does not matter.
Designed collapse so they can reorganize themselves, concentrate economically, move capital offshore and repurchase American assets at bargain basement prices, including cheap labor.

The future speculative economic bubble, privatization transformation, PROFITABILITY, lies above.

And, the American working class, thanks to their Fascist led unions and fake Left collaborators, have allowed themselves to become totally irrelevant in this bargain.

They've demanded NOTHING and will get nothing in return.

They are simply collateral damage in this story.

And, McCain will win, of course.
That's a given.

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