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The above heading is what one would think if you live here.
The tabloid press is filled with irrelevant, sensationalist junk about Palin's private life and just about anything else that titillates voyeurs.
The paparazzi could do no better.

I offer the hypothesis that Palin has antennae and/or a third eye on the back of her head and that she's an intergalactic alien sent to invade planet Earth.
How about that?

Believe me, if I so desired, I could develop an argument for the above, just to demonstrate how simple it is to advance specious reasoning, like the Flat Earth Society.

Returning to reality. The substance of what I highlighted below, in my previous blog, regarding Palin's gas deal with Transcanada is most certainly NOT being discussed or analyzed.
Instead, it is being studiously avoided like the plague in favor of the above.
Palin made BIG enemies with her gas deal.
Enemies like BP, ExxonMobil, Conoco Phillips, to name a few mighty ones.

And, if the measure of the person and her policies is "hypocrisy," there's enough hypocrisy to spread around the world like cream cheese, twice, thrice or many more times over and still have some remaining.
As far as hypocrisy goes, relatively speaking, Palin is internally consistent, which is why everybody is so threatened by her.
She practices what she preaches.
She is NOT part of the old boys network and NOT part of the ruling establishment--yet.

While mentioning hypocrisy, a roundup of updates on related hypocritical themes getting less attention, at the moment, due to the Republican Convention, Palin and hurricanes.

STILL UNNOTICED by just about everyone is and their bi-partisan role in developments surrounding Georgia, the Caucasus, the Baltics, Russia, etc.
Everybody blabs about conspiracies and the now defunct Bush Administration in relation to developments in Georgia.
But, what happened to bi-partisan JBANC in front of every one's nose?
And, JBANC'S mythological war, oops, opposition, "peace" candidate, Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, co-founder of the above in Congress?

Such factual inconsistencies and contradictions simply are not worthy of note, obviously.

And, of course, the ever pending, non-existent war against Iran, once more on plate of the fake Left agenda. Unfortunately, the fake Left still can not find the real, ongoing war that DID HAPPEN, the one against Russia, through our surrogate, Georgia.
And, related to JBANC policies, above.

More to come in this arena.

Meanwhile, nobody, from the fake Left and Opposition, everywhere, globally, managed to object previously or presently to the role of Iran's Nazi militias, mythological, fictitious ethnic, sectarian, religious demarcations, cleansing, dispossession, displacement, barbarity, torture in Iraq comparable to that of the mythological distinction and justification of the "Jewish race " in Hitler's Germany.

Still can't find that one.
So, who is complicit in what?
And who is to blame?

And, following from a previous blog, I mentioned "Old Europe's" penultimate Gaz de France privatization which has now become GDF-Suez in its latest incarnation.
The recently privatized empire of GDF-Suez is busy expanding its tentacles abroad and investing both in the "transformative" Middle East area, including the GCC, and the US as well.
Perhaps elsewhere, also, but, most certainly all of the above.

I mention GDF-Suez as exemplar of policy and what will happen next regarding Russia, Georgia, Iran, the US, EU, NATO, Missile Defense expansion, etc.
The intertwined economic interests of European private capital and the bulwark role of the US/NATO military alliance guarantees congruence on their part against Gazprom.

Putin, too, is caught between his Left flank and his Fifth Column, the Russian private oligarchs, who would be more than happy to see Putin disappear and the Left flank who would be more than happy to see the private oligarchs disappear.

So, Putin will be forced to make further decisions and hard choices.

As the song goes, "Which Side Are You On, Brother, Which Side Are You On...?"

And, on that last point, here's one development about which I do not and surely will not hear accolades from the fake Left and Opposition, "Two Estonian Farms Establish Soviet Republic..."

This all relates to Iran policy, as well.

I said in previous blogs, the insane policies and regional contradictions created from Iran's Nazi clerical regime and their militias in Iraq and further regional expansion and destabilization will bring down EVERYONE associated with them.

They represent the kiss of death, both literally and figuratively.

And, so shall it be.

This is the consequence of the Faustian bargain made between the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal and their Iraq-Iran-US occupation to maintain power in Iraq along with international recognition of Iraq's puppet Fascist regime, or, at minimum, without international condemnation of it.

Saddam's shadow will hang long upon you all.

On this note, I will link to the ever eloquent blogger whom I recommend daily reading for an edifying, uplifting experience.
I can not say it any better than she, even though English is my first and only language.
I can say, however, what she writes below is equally applicable to the universal hypocrisy I note in my blog, above,

And, then comes Turkey's pseudo-Islamic, Fascist, privatizing AKP, with whom both pseudo-religious Islamic, Fascist Iran, the other Fascist, Arab GCC states, the US and Western interests are economically intertwined.

The Arab GCC states presently represent a few trillion dollars worth of investment.
That's a few Trillion dollars worth of clout more than elsewhere in the region, at the moment.

Then, Arab Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with whom the above are also all economically intertwined.

So, if Iran's Fascist, clerical militias resist power sharing and an "Arab" face on Iraq's proxy government, Iran's Fascist clerical regime has shot itself in the foot and they have nobody but themselves to blame, whatever happens next to them and their allies.

If necessary, a proxy war will be fought inside Iraq for control with outside funding from any or all of the above sources.

Added into the mix, above, the equally corrupt and Fascist KRG in northern Iraq and their Peshmerga militias, who presently are feuding with Baghdad and represent a threat to the territorial integrity of Turkey.

In case you doubt the transitory nature of Iraq's present government represented by these conflicting and competing interests, Iran, the KRG, nominal Arab states, Turkey, the US, the recently much ballyhooed and celebrated Iraq contract with China's national oil company is merely a stopgap measure, a service/technical contract, pending further developments.
And, Russia's Lukoil has, indeed, been eliminated, at least, so far.

So, get ready for Part Two of the next episode in the daily soap, Eternal War.
The opening stage has been set.
And, everyone, I do mean everyone, continues to participate in it by denying reality, EVERYWHERE, preferring to perpetuate fiction, instead.
One cannot put forward real, viable, workable solutions predicated upon fiction.

To end on a related, but, slightly lighter note.
I repeat a suggestion I made in a previous blog.
I highly recommend the following movie, whose central, fundamental thesis is absolutely correct, while, like Brecht, entertaining in its presentation,
"The American Ruling Class," by Lewis Lapham,

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