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Before adding anything to the cacophony of voices on our current predetermined financial meltdown, and equally predetermined Presidential s-election campaign, I want to update a very much interwoven and related subject matter, emblematic, at the core, at the heart of the other matters, privatizing health care here and abroad.

As a reminder, in a previous blog, I linked to an article about a partnership between the now infamous Abraaj Capital, (Hamid Jafar's interlocking directorates and his expanding empire of Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, etc,) with Turkey's AKP privatizing project, a Turkish medical firm, Acibadem.
The following link from my previous blog on the preceding subject about Acibadem and Abraaj,

Now, in a further, updated and related even more obscene, regional development, a government proposal for privatizing Egypt's health care system, DELAYED, according to the following article, but, I'm afraid, not stopped permanently, despite what they say at the moment,

Anyone, anywhere, in this region, throughout the globe MUST unite to stop this process!
Before it is too late.
Before it goes any further--the purpose of destroying Iraq's Baath Arab Socialist Party.
That is done...but...rising from the ashes!

In previous entries, I highlighted one of THE, single, most important domestic battles in the current US Presidential campaign and previous Democratic primaries, as well, was replacement, abolishment, of the current, private, for-profit health care insurance system in the US with an expanded, universal, SINGLE PAYER, non-profit, government sponsored insurance system.

Neither Democrat nor Republican supports single payer.
The reason. Obvious. Private, for-profit medical, health care insurance industry is extraordinarily lucrative.
A real bonanza.

And an equally, extraordinarily abysmal system.
A captive, macabre nation of "consumers," i.e., patients, to say the very least.

Now, I don't expect the Republicans to support single-payer.

But, the issue amply exposes the total, complete and utter hypocrisy of any so-called organized opposition in the US, the Vichy Democrats and why nobody in their right minds supports them, why no opposition, no Left exists and into this Unorganised class vacuum of perpetual betrayal can step someone like Sarah Palin.

The main labor union supporting the Obummer campaign, SEIU, "Change to Win," led by Andy Stern, is completely, 100% mafia, corrupt, Fascist led and in total and complete collaboration with private capital and it's international expansion, as well.
And, this is not a new development.
I have had background information on the challenges to SEIU in previous blogs, but, I will post more, here, for a little flavor of what I'm saying.
You can at least get a sense of SOME, by no means, all of the subject matter involved,

The above represents the tip of the iceberg, the culmination of a long background, regarding mafia penetration, corruption, pension fund investment, assassinations and replacement of Communist led labor unions and class collaboration in the US since the beginning of the 1950s McCarthy period up to and including the present.

I repeat, THIS is the reason why a Left political vacuum exists in the US.

This is why someone like Sarah Palin can step in and represent the working class in this country.
What ought to be the voice of the organized labor does NOT exist.

Organized class unity has been constantly, consistently, destroyed, divided, paralyzed, and betrayed, over and over again seemingly by their OWN representatives.

So, in one of those extraordinary cultural and political ironies, and an obvious backlash, Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin from Alaska becomes a de facto working class hero, a representative, simply by virtue of the history and vacuum above and who or what she is or is not, her family background, her reasonably capable performance in Alaska and the fact that she has NOT been vetted by the customary, elite power institutions, she is not a seasoned, groomed, professional career politician nor does she represent the hypocritical, cynical, two faced, Establishment organizations, etc.

Thus, when she speaks, even if it sounds extraordinarily, remarkably, jaw dropping, ignorant, naive, innocent, stupid, misguided to me/us in foreign affairs, she is genuinely believed unlike ALL the sophisticated, jaded, cynical, hypocritical, two faced mouthpieces of the power elite and all their many stuffed orifices in this country.

From that point of view, she is useful TO THEM, and, at the same time, generates the POSSIBILITY to others that she might actually DO something alittle different from the purchased pimps, whores, prostitutes, etc. of the official power structure elites and institutions.

So, she actually represents hope and change more than the elusive candidate of change and hope, Obummer, who, in turn, is supported by the corrupt, mafia style Fascist union of "Change to Win," i.e, SEIU and Andy Stern.
Slogan coincidence accidental?

In that sense, Palin represents difference, change, hope, domestically, despite her seemingly contradictory, reactionary or simplistic outlook regarding international and foreign affairs.

Now, what will happen to Palin in the future, I cannot say.
I do not know if she will grow with her job, become jaded, cyncial and hypocritical, become marginalized or shielded precisely because of her innocence, and so on.
These are all open questions.
After all, because she is not two-faced, they cannot trust her to collaborate "in the power disinformation loop."

I firmly believe, for instance, she has absolutely no idea her own government colluded in 9/11.
I do not think she could even conceive of such a notion.

HOWEVER, she is not stupid.
She is ignorant.
She can learn.
So, IF and when at some future point in her career she becomes confronted with ever greater realities, facts, contradictions, evidence, experiences about which she was completely oblivious previously, I do not know how she will react.

In Alaska, she resigned from her WELL PAID job from 2003-04 as Ethics Supervisor for Alaska's Oil and Gas Commission when she encountered what she deemed impediments, obstructionist tactics, corruption and a lack of cooperation that she could not change.
Instead, she chose a path of resistance, not least resistance.
She openly exposed it/them and ran for Governor, which is why and how she became so popular.
So, IF past is prelude, it could be quite interesting.
But, that is idle speculation.

Now, personally, I will NOT vote for ANY political candidate who does not support single-payer health care.
Of course, other issues exist.
But, all are related to the fundamental premise of expanding privatization, here and abroad.
This issue happens to be a no-brainer, the bottom line, a starter, the beginner.
If any party or candidate and/or those supporting or apologizing for them cannot act on this one issue, they cannot act in a principled manner on anything else.

Now, I will conclude with just a few brief additional comments to the otherwise voluminous amount of information available on the internet and everywhere else regarding our current, totally foreseen and anticipated, manufactured, speculative bubble and financial crisis.

I have had much on previous blogs about what I labelled, "Marx on Steroids," financial products abstracted to the Nth degree, multiplied so many times over that nobody really understands the value of the underlying products, anymore.
Derivatives, short selling, hedge funds, etc.

Such speculative bubbles coming to the greater Middle East transformation project.

I will add only this to the many voices.

Our federal government financial bailout represents, for the most part, a transfer of working class money to unearned income.
Taxpayer money, in a disproportionately high percentage, comes from EARNED income exchanged for labor which, in turn, is calculated, evaluated by time.
There is no such equivalency between monies received by the propertied class and and any exchange of their time or labor.
Their disproportionately high income, money, or subsidies is justified by a codified, abstract, legal fiction of private property rights, investment paper, ownership, enforced, codified and upheld via the long arm of legal, state coercion.

That is, was the primary purpose of the US Constitution, including, at the time, of course, when it was first written, human property in the form of slaves, in addition to monetary debt and land.

All subsequent additions and modifications to the Constitution came through hard, bitter, protracted struggles, resistance, etc., altho, the underlying, basic purpose of our Constitution, political and legislative organizational structure, fundamentally remains unchanged.

If you do not understand how the system works, I suggest you go out immediately and begin reading Marx, all 3 volumes of Capital.
I cannot possibly explain more in a blog.

Again, not to overdo the cacophony of voices, I will emphasize only two points--ones I've had many times over on my previous blogs, because they are related, as well, to the Middle East.

Remember, a few blogs ago, I highlighted JP Morgan Chase and the "First Persia Fund" as to who will dominate regarding regime change, congruency and policy in Iran, JP Morgan and friends or Ahmadimidget's clerical regime and friends.

Both Morgan Stanley, or, JP Morgan Chase and/or the Citigroup, Citibank, octopus ALWAYS win.
They come out on top of the heap, victorious, including their Nazi dealings, during and after WWII, altho Citigroup did not exist then.

It helps to know something about their insidious history and role.
So, now matter what you hear and see, consolidation will inevitably work for, not against them. Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are heavyweights. They practically ARE the US.
Their vast, intertwined domestic and global holdings, power, connections and influence cannot be underestimated or overstated.

So, here's alittle help, a statistical snippet on Morgan highlighted in the context of Morgan's recent Bahrain association,

And, as well, if you SKIM DOWN TOWARDS THE BOTTOM of the following link, there is a nice little chart, with a few more helpful informative details about Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase.

The only reason I picked the article below is/was both for its very simple chart towards the bottom/end, AND, as well, a few explanatory sentences, paragraphs just above, preceding the chart referring both to Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase.

But, to end on a contrasting, upbeat note, the antidote and reminder of past tumultuous events and future earthquakes always possible,

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