Friday, September 5, 2008


First, a word on NATO, whose acronym should be retitled, Nazi Terror or Treaty Organization, or, North Atlantic Terror Organization.
But, North Atlantic isn't an adequate description, since it is much larger and global in its alliances.

Anyway, for something about the"ties that bind," above, you can go to the following website for a conference held this past Wednesday, September 3. I had hoped there would be a transcript and/or video link available at their website, but, apparently, it is not yet provided.
I assume it will be, shortly.

There are two links featured at the following which I suggest you access and peruse to see both who is/was in attendance and their subject matter,

While the above did not have video or transcript available, yet, there is a video of the appx 4 hour conference available on C-Span.

Once at C-Span's website, to which I will link, momentarily, simply search the lower left hand corner of C-Span's homepage under a box headed, "Recent Programs" on their homepage.
Then, once at the "Recent Programs" box, scroll BACKWARDS, DOWN until you come across a program entitled, "ComDef 2008 Forum on Defense Priorities in an Age of Persistent Conflict," from Wednesday, Sept 3.
Presently, it is on page 5 of C-Span's website under their "Recent Programs" listings.
As more programs are added, it will be bumped from page 5 further backwards.
So, depending on when you read this and look for it, the page number for the program listing will probably be different from that presently,

Next, I parodied a pop melody, above, in my heading, that began with the words, "Change..change...change," since this is the tune that everybody keeps singing in our fake, Presidential s-election race.

Well, Palin is getting viciously attacked by the Party of the Vichy Democrats of Fake Change or Our Lady (Party) of Perpetual Change.

Of course, none of them, including Palin, has so far mentioned the specifics of her Transcanada gas contract and the role of the oil majors, Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips, and BP and their competitive pipeline, Denali.

Instead, they are all focused on social issues, babies, religion, sex, gossip and god.

Never mind contradictory support by the fake Left, Liberals, Vichy Democrats, for the oppressive, reactionary, fundamentalist, pseudo-Islamic religious regimes of Iran and Turkey's AKP, for example.
Apparently, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.
Hey, folks, why are you complaining ?
Join the crowd, above, the great, maligned, progressive, Ahmadimidget and his Islamic followers and Turkey's great reformers, their AKP!
And, while I'm at it, related to the above hypocrisy, Obama's career happens also to be tied in with pseudo-religious Fundamentalism.
He has affiliations with comparable, bogus, criminal, oppressive, misogynist, fake, Islamic cult groupings, here, in the US, namely, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam,

They have somewhat similar, overlapping functions as Islamic Fundamentalists elsewhere, but, with a corresponding American flavor to make them fit into the specifics of our culture and political milieu.

Still, they are nothing but bogus, reactionary, criminal, mafia like operations.
As such, they are far more reactionary and oppressive than anything Palin could possibly represent.
They are the ones who assassinated Malcolm X.
I like to refer to them as what they are, the Black Mafia.
So, where's the hue and cry about them?
Alittle consistency and less self-serving hypocrisy, please.

Well, that's how the fake opportunistic political divide is manufactured in our society.

But, of course, with Palin, now, they are caught in contradictions of their own making, created by superficial, arbitrary and opportunistically generated categories and divisions, like those above.

And, it's great fun and entertainment to watch them all squirm and squeal around like stuffed pigs to reconcile the irreconcilable.

Those folks, above, have an internal dilemma.

Palin and her hubbie REALLY ARE working class.
They are the real deal.
But, then, IF one's unions and working class are reactionary arms of an equally fake opposition, the Vichy Democratic Party, what can they say?
These/they ARE YOUR people.
Why are you chastising, belittling, criticizing, demeaning and alienating them?

Another hypocritical double standard.

As I have repeated and highlighted on this blog, ad nauseum, American and other Western unions invest their workers pension funds into private, multinational corporations.
This makes the "success" of the former, their pension funds, dependant upon the latter.
They are economically, inextricably intertwined. Married together.

And, here's one of many illustrations on the above pattern about the Calif State Retirement Fund and Giza Venture Capital,

This represents a BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL class contradiction.
First and foremost, to solve it requires acknowledging and CONFRONTING IT and decoupling labor unions from their role as pension fund investors.
The corollary.
Expand our already existing national pension system, Social Security, which is thoroughly underfunded, inadequate, and constantly threatened.

Our present day unions are merely profitable businesses with CEO's who exist to "control and manage" the working class by recycling, ironically, mostly publicly earned pension monies into private investment instruments as well as make sure labor never combines together militantly for wages, working conditions, nationalization of industry, an independent foreign policy, or anything of anything else along these lines.
In this way is class managed and controlled in this country.

This is made abundantly clear by our current Presidential campaign.
Neither the Vichy Democrats nor their partners in crime, our Fascist labor unions, put forward the one, simple, most basic universal demand, a SINGLE PAYER, government sponsored, not for profit, health care insurance system in this country.
They simply all collaborated, once again, not to threaten the interest of the private health care insurers.
Of course, in addition, their pension funds are either directly or indirectly invested in the for-profit health care insurance industry.

For those of you on the rest of the planet who already possess government sponsored health care, just imagine what you would do if your politicians and labor leaders suddenly announced they were ending it, unilaterally.
Do you think it would be an inconsequential issue?

So, why should we, in the US, accept this as a fait accompli?
Yet, it is so, by virtue of consistent class collaboration and betrayal combining all the above.

Given all this and an awful lot more that I cannot itemize in a short blog, what difference does it make to me, to us, to the American working class, if McCain and Palin versus the other two throw away candidates, "Uncle Tom" O'Bummer and his sidekick, Biden, come into office?

About what, which, whose fundamental "change" are we talking?

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