Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, where are we now according to my previous script on the aforementioned subject, congruity and regime change between Iran, Iraq, US, etc?
Regime change coming in the US.
Enter, McCain-Palin, or, Palin-McCain.
Take that to the bank.

Palin MAY have been an early "October Surprise" this time.
Don't imagine much else will be necessary, at this point.
But, could be wrong on that last point.

Ahmadimidget's, clerical, Fascist regime and its/his barbaric militias and Republican Guards, OUT.
Instead, NATO IN.

Regarding NATO and Iraq,

And, two related highlights out of many more on the theme of congruent regime change in Iran, Iraq, US, etc,

Of course, related with Iran regime change, Maliki out,

The above reported in numerous sources with details, specifics and narratives varying abit.

Reports "denying" secret meetings between Cheney and Iranian representatives in Italy on Cheney's latest, recent European trip.
I don't believe the denials.

As the expression goes, if I were a fly on the wall when they met, wonder what I would hear?
Something like, maybe, mafia Godfather, Cheney, says to his son, Iran/Iraq's Al-Rubiae, named in the article above about NATO, and whose function ought to be familiar to everyone, by now,

"We had a good deal while it lasted, old buddy, Al-Rubaie.
Nice collaborating with you, but, new crowd coming into Washington.
So, we need you to get with the new program.
You know what is your job, now. "

So, no war with Iran.
Just regime change.
Iran and Ahmadimidget's Fascist militias and Revolutionary Guard OUT. They, like Sadr, may not go quietly into the sunset, altho, Sadr's militias are finished.
Still unresolved.
The status of Kirkuk, the KRG, the Peshmerga forces, provincial elections and an oil law.
And, of course, the partnership between Heritage Oil and the Eagle Group of Iraq, whom I believe to be Talabani until proven wrong.

Now, for another truly sickening "congruency" chapter in the greater Middle East privatization project, the infamous Abraaj Capital (Hamid Jafar's interlocking Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, etc., directorate and empire) now extends its dirty tentacles and reach into Turkey's PRIVATIZING health care system, with, of course, help from our own wunderkind of privatized health care, Harvard University, from whence Obummer graduated,

After being totally screwed and betrayed by the Vichy Democrats and our collaborative, Fascist unions, here, the same shit is being foisted upon others.
Welcome to the dysfunctional wonders of a privatized, health care Disneyland world.

And, once again, for the Arabic speaking world, I am including another video link, with more on the left hand sidebar,

Even though I have NO idea what is being said, nonetheless it is enjoyable to listen to the sound and allow my imagination to run wild as to content. For the most part, I inhabit a world of fiction and denial, anyway.
So, methodologically, it is consistent to imagine what is being said.
Facts are merely an impediment, an obstruction to be overcome.

As for the Western backed Nabucco gas pipeline, that's happening.
The "other gas sources" alluded to in the following article, no doubt, are privatized ones from Iraq/Iran, Dana, Shell, etc.,

And, while on the subject of multiple energy pipelines and Turkey, the following caught my attention mostly because Erdogan's son is a senior executive in the project,

That leaves just Russia and Putin, who will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to inhibit or impede the privatization process in the Middle East, nor regime change in Iran.

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