Monday, September 22, 2008


As I said, some time back, the US speculative bubble has experienced its orchestrated demise with a Big Bang for the finish.

Now, it moves on, elsewhere, to bigger, better, more fertile ground, the Middle East.

In addition to all else I have had on my blogs regarding an orchestrated, speculative, GCC Middle East privatization Bubble, NOW, at this very moment, "Short Selling to Debut in Egypt As the West Moves to Curb It,"

Further, US assets will CONTINUE to be purchased at bargain basement, depressed prices by the same monies recycled thru Middle East conduits in the money-go-round.

So, here's a new Middle East fund launched to do just that, "Investcorp Launches $1 Billion Investment Vehicle," regarding US property and real estate,

Investcorp is a very interesting company.
More on Investcorp, momentarily.

First, in addition to the above, on Investcorp, for the Arab speaking world, including the left hand sidebar, the following link.
It would be nice if I understood what they are saying, aside from the English language caption below the video,

I dearly welcome anyone who wishes to add any substantive commentary to the subject matter, above, at the bottom of this blog or thru personal e-mail in English from any Arab language sources.

Now, as promised, for more on Investcorp's background and its CEO, Nemir Kirdar, founder of Investcorp, from English language sources.

First, Investcorp Board of Directors.

Note, Saudi Prince Turki, who has an overlapping directorate with Abraaj, and Nemir Kirdar's prominent, extensive background and role as CEO and founder of Investcorp.
Altho the summary, below, does not mention it, Kirdar is Iraqi born and previous CEO of Chase Manhattan.

But, more on Kirdar, again, momentarily, below,

I believe, if other sources I read are correct, Management and a "few" unnamed investors own 80% of Investcorp.

Now, for more on Nemir Kirdar, a most interesting fellow.

Here are some of the SIMPLEST links I could find to flush out his background and role in all this. If you do some searches, there is much more information available,


and, this from 1993,

By the way, I can't help but mentioning, since I am on the subject of interlocking, incestuous directorates, Dana Gas, with its interlocking directorate to Abraaj, mentioned above, (and Hamid Jafar/Jaffar), just received an award for "Best Company of the Year,"

Now, there's alot more I would like to say linking our present, preplanned, US financial meltdown and depressed economy with the developments in the Gulf/Middle East represented above.
But, I have run out of time at the computer.

Basically, in a few very rushed remarks, I can only say, as usual, despite much hand wringing, no significant, fundamental or systemic changes will occur because no organized labor, class opposition exists, as I have shown on many, many previous blogs, and, thus, NO challenges or demands for compensation in the form of nationalization and ownership of our natural resources, industrial production, or liquidation and replacement of private finance and their holdings.
It's not more regulation that is needed, but, nationalization.

Nationalization of real, tangible assets, not private debt.

Instead, there will be a few token legislative reforms, after the barn door has been left wide open and it does not really matter, anyway, because the speculative US economic bubble has outlived its preplanned obsolescence and the speculative bubble has shifted offshore to "emerging" economies, such as those represented above.

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