Saturday, September 20, 2008


In the following article from the Turkish press, what I have claimed in past blogs is stated clearly as to who, potentially, will supply the Western backed Nabucco pipeline with gas, namely, Iraq and Iran, which, in my opinion, will come after or concomitant to Iran's "regime change,"

It is my personal belief, also, that Turkey is considered a transit state as they say in the above article, because it's pipeline company, BOTAS, remains state owned.

Assuming it privatizes, then, all of a sudden, Turkey's status will fall into a "possible" hub category.

On that point and somewhat in continuation of my previous blog, below, I happened to come across another outfit which measures and defines "freedom" related to private poperty rights throughout the world.
You can peruse their website for your country, state, region to see just how "free" you are, (there is an Arab section),

Now, in addition, the billionaire club is expanding.

In the following BRIEF article which I chose primarily because of its heading about the Samena Fund are names with which you should already be familiar in this tightknit, cozy, little world of interlocking and overlapping billionaire directorates and institutional shareholders,
"Billionaire's Group Launches Samena Fund,"

To add more specifics to the above, be sure to check the Biographies of Directors in Samena at the bottom of the following link,

And, finally, interlocking and overlapping directorates, from December, I believe, of last year, (the year is not given) between BMA Capital, Pakistan and Abraaj, including the usual list of familiar names of investors and institutional shareholders such as Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, etc.,

I hate to end on the above note.

So, instead, here's another small historical reminder of why developments represented above are so nauseatingly, sickeningly obscene and then a brief musical counterbalancing note on which to end,


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