Thursday, September 25, 2008


Continuing from yesterday's blog, below, I'm amused at the flood of hand wringing, post mortem, pontifications, dissertations and dissections regarding America's current financial bailout and liquidity crisis and the evils of the "system" as if we don't all know this, already.

So, what else is new?
Haven't you all been around for the past 100 to 200 years or so?

But, just WHAT are you planning to do about it?
What, where, whose, which organized POWER do you represent and how will you manifest this organized/unorganized power?
What is your program? What is your organization?
Rhetorical questions all.


For all the many reasons I have enumerated on my previous blogs.

A few measly demonstrations, while, in practice, every single opportunity both here and abroad to significantly change and challenge the balance of power equation was missed, squandered, spent, ignored, opposed, sabotaged, betrayed from within, AND IT CONTINUES.

So, my answer.

You deserve what you get, which is nothing.
And, what you are going to get, just like the predetermined financial bailout.

Here's some SIMPLE, elementary, basic, unspun, unvarnished, uncomplicated truths, facts.

McCain went to Washington simply to give Congressional cover to a bi-partisan financial bailout package which has already been decided.
They need this infusion of "liquidity" to keep the system afloat, the money-go-round.
If you do not want to fundamentally change, challenge, alter the system as it exists, then, this is what you must do.
Pure and simple.
That's it folks.
The rest is theatre and posturing, by all and everyone concerned, including, first and foremost, the hypocritical, totally impotent, fake class opposition, Left and their Fascist unions.

The Vichy Democrats, that is, the legislative part of the fake Opposition, needed McCain to lead the Republican Party in this "compromise."
They did not want to go out on a limb on their own, for political purposes. So, it will be presented as bipartisan operation, with some irrelevant conditions thrown in to look like a "hard" deal, a compromise.

And, McCain will go to the first Presidential debates, tomorrow, as scheduled, having saved the country.

And, our completely, utterly useless, totally impotent, orchestrated, fake "Left" and opposition will continue to confuse and confound people with irrelevant arguments, issues, factual omissions and commissions, as they have been doing for at least 50 or so more years and will continue to play the role of handmaidens and collaborators in deconstructing any unified, united, militant, class based, opposition, resistance or Party organization, and thus, de facto, they serve as handmaidens assisting a renascent, global Fascist program.

For example, in addition to the above financial deal occurring today, it defies credulity that there are domestic religious morons actually meeting with Ahmadimidget.
If they could resuscitate Hitler, no doubt, they would meet with him, as well.
And, they will say, dear Hitler, Ahmidimidget, let's talk. Be a nice guy and stop killing all those folks, the ones in Iraq, the Jews and other people in Germany and elsewhere.
Oh, by the way, dear Ahmadimidget, please, can you cooperate with us alittle more and leave Iraq now that your Nazi militias have systematically cleansed, killed, intimidated, threatened, raped, robbed, tortured half or more of the country and occupied it?

But, they, including Ahmadimidget, are irrelevant, anyway.

They represent nothing and nobody but themselves.
They are powerless.

It will not make any difference what they do and all they accomplish is to expose themselves to total and complete ridicule. They help give the fake Opposition no credulity whatsoever.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, death, killing, destruction continues unabated, altho, living in the US, you would hardly know any of what is happening elsewhere or in Iraq.

All the elements contributing to further escalation and military conflict and confrontation surrounding Iraq are very much in place, from Kirkuk, to Iraq's postponed provincial elections, to the still, unsettled, enormous opposition to Turkey's AKP, etc.

This list goes on.
And, of course, the Middle East speculative privatization bubble continues onwards.

The World Economic Forum on the Middle East is scheduled to meet next year, May 2009 in Jordan,

But, American's live in blissful ignorance of all, much, most of the above and more, thanks to their complicit corporate media AND collaborative fake Opposition, the same people who previously helped along the dissolution of the USSR, then, presently, could not find Russia on the map before the Georgia explosion, could not locate JBANC and Kucinich, could not find Turkey's enormous, gigantic opposition, cannot find the Middle East speculative Bubble, cannot locate Iran in Iraq, and on and on, as well, their own domestic betrayals, their Fascist unions, the SEIU, Obummer and so on.

No excuses. No apologies, please. I am NOT interested.

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