Saturday, September 6, 2008


A few ecclectic notes.

First of all, as I said awhile back on my blogs, from the inception of the Presidential primaries, McCain is going to win.
The Presidential race and primaries were a setup from the get-go.
There are/were two Republican candidates in the Presidential primaries, McCain and Obummer.
One was scheduled to lose.
A throwaway candidate, O'Bummer.
The race is fixed.

To Hillary, once again, you "coulda been somebody" to paraphrase Brando in the movie, "On the Waterfront," if only you had the guts and chutzpah to lead your troops OUT of the Vichy Democratic Party, which is destined to go down.
DOA, Dead on Arrival.

Enter, Sarah Palin.
The wild card.
I wonder who in McCain's campaign actually selected her and when they/he made that decision.
Just my own ruminations.

Meanwhile, STILL NO discussion about the SPECIFICS of Palin's Transcanada gas deal versus Exxon, ConocoPhilips, BP Denali pipeline.
The Transcanada deal is WHY she has an 85% approval rating in Alaska.
Not because of her personal or social life.
And, why she has some big time enemies.

The Transcanada Alaskan gas pipeline project which Palin negotiated represents the single largest private project development in US history.
In the following link some more substance is provided on the two proposed, competing gas pipeline projects, Transcanada and Denali.

The Transcanada pipeline will NOT be limited to BP, Exxon, Conoco, who presently owns/leases the bulk of "known" Alaskan gas tracts. Transcanada will be open to other, as yet, unknown gas suppliers.
Further, one can immediately see the enormous difference in market capitalization between the two, $26 Billion versus $360 Billion. One can only wish for one step further from Palin.
Reassert national ownership/control of all gas/energy supplies and throw out the 3 major owners, above.
And/or, make the pipeline a state owned one.
That would solve the whole problem immediately and alot more.

But, Palin would be dead either before or immediately after that happened.

Anyway, the Transcanada gas deal is far from a fait accompli.
It remains to be seen what happens next after she gets elected.
But, Palin represents no small town gal and no small town Governor.

Far from it.

For some additional considerations in all these equations.

It is NOT the source or supply of gas/oil about which everybody is competing, both here and abroad.
That's Competition with a "C" but NOT for Cooperation, alas, which is THE problem.

Anyway, the a-biotic theory of gas and oil generation means one can theoretically drill anywhere on the globe and come up with gas and oil.
A glut of gas and oil.
The only question--how deep is it necessary to drill.
Not everywhere on the globe is equal.

So, why isn't everyone doing this and declaring energy independence?
Oil and gas are in abundant supply.
A renewing source bubbling up from deep below the earth's mantel, if the theory holds.

Instead, an artificial global division and equilibrium is maintained between exporting energy countries/states and their importing client countries/states.

Everybody, including the financial institutions, participates in and perpetuates this illusory fiction.

Nobody wants to break the huge, enormous, high stakes, global profitability bubble of this delicate, economic balancing act, including Gazprom.

According to the abiotic gas and oil theory, however, such long, extended pipelines and delivery systems do not make sense.
Why not drill much closer to home, to the intended market?
Not to mention safety factors.
How much is necessary?
For what, which, whose purposes?
More consumption?
Industrial production?
What about conserving, recycling and alternative energy forms, in which I include government sponsored and owned hydropower, the TVA, here, for example, clean coal technologies, etc?

These are all rhetorical questions, obviously.

Anyway, with McCain's pre-selection will come the end of the special Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Iranian dalliance, collaboration and military dominance in Iraq.
This is the real meaning of "change," to which everybody is referring.

And, the end of Ahmadimidget's clerical dominance and militias both in Iraq and Iran.

Not the end of Dana Gas, or, Iran AND Iraq's PRIVATE commercial relations.
Far from it.
Just the opposite.
A new day will be dawning on that one.

Iran's NEW government will probably supply privatized gas to the Nabucco pipeline and onto Europe.
Iraq will have a new government.
Maliki will be gone.
Perhaps, Allawi will return.
A recent assassination attempt was made on Chalabi.
A whole new power sharing arrangement will be in order in Iraq.
Enter, as well, international "peacekeepers."
And, Talabani will also be demoted from his present position.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world from Alaska, an additional BP centered power struggle, factors impacting events in Georgia.
Russia's TNK-BP.
As usual, John Helmer does a great analysis.
Most interesting to me is the part where he speculates on reassertion of possible Russian state ownership in TNK-BP,

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