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Below is a fabulous example I could not resist highlighting how our CIA/STATE DEPT propaganda machine manufactures, in this instance, Iraq history in conjunction with their institutional LABOR ARM and international covert ILO operatives.

Since I see, hear or read this sort of garbage DAILY about various and sundry issues, I really post this as a sort of PSA, Public Service Announcement, for anyone ABROAD to see HOW their OWN EXPERIENCE and REALITY jives with our creatively represented and depicted collaborative NAZI carpetbagger and scalawag Huthala scumbag propaganda, BELOW.
And, also perhaps because misery loves company.

HOWEVER, I also find it hard NOT to believe it MAY be DIRECTED as a RESPONSE to some of MY many posts.

A way, perhaps, to blunt, moot, repudiate, HARD, self-evident, CLASS truths, contradictions.
They do not like dirty laundry publicly aired and, of course, it nullifies, moots their covert efficacy.

PERHAPS, I attribute more significance to my posts than merited.

But, it is a distinct FEELING on my part.

End of subjective ruminations.
Back to the objective subject matter at hand, below.

Please note, ONCE AGAIN, when Iran SISTANI's son-in-law, SHAHRISTANI, pops up, NEVER is SHAHRISTANI connected, associated with IRAN'S SISTANI, nor, of course, Iran's exported, occupied IRAQ torture regime, NOW necessitating dissolution, eradication, modification, hence, our bogus labor union collaboration from a pattern well represented in the former USSR, especially Poland's Solidarity, and everywhere else on the globe requiring covert labor FRONT assistance.
These SAME individuals and their institutions below are the ones who can NOT find Greek, Turkish much less ANY MILITANT labor opposition to privatization on the face of the globe INCLUDING RIGHT HERE.
They do not find or object to GCC, MENASA, speculative, privatizing bubbles, especially since already they sent THEIR institutional investment representatives.
BELOW are the very SAME individuals and institutional labor representatives who helped to DEFEAT OUR UNIVERSAL, NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER MEDICAL INSURANCE; express ONGOING, CONTINUED SUPPORT for our BOGUS FEDERAL STIMULUS AND TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program) TAX GIFTS, GIVEAWAYS, BOONDOGGLES AND NATIONAL DEBT TO THE SAME PRIVATE CORPORATIONS PARTNERED with their/our NAZI Democratic Party, into which these SAME organizations sink their workers dues AND invest THEIR pension funds.
The above list by no means being a comprehensive one, but, merely highlights the most egregious as that represented in their PROPAGANDA ROLE BELOW.
One more irresistible REMINDER.
I did MANY previous posts on this subject matter.
Democratic House Congressional Representative, KUCINICH, NAMED BELOW, was/is a co-founder of the virulent, toxic, JBANC, Joint Baltic American National Committee, and, Congressional Caucus AND Kucinich was a featured speaker at the "Victims of Communism" Museum in Washington, D.C.
Need I elaborate further??
In case readers forgot JBANC, here is a reminder:


Returning to the subject matter at hand IRAQ, LABOR and PROPAGANDA, below.
"Missing links," ellipsis, logical sophistry, flow loose and freely like water in the following fictional Iraq narrative helping overcome unpleasant historical truths, inaccuracies, complexities and factual contradictions.
But, see for yourselves.
If this were a class one/I/we METHODICALLY could dissect and deconstruct the following EXAMPLE showing HISTORY as DISCIPLINE and NOT a sausage making enterprise.
But, I can and will NOT take on this chore.
If someone else in cyberspace cares to take on this unpleasant heuristic task be my guest and let ALL know about it with a comment and/or link below.
Meantime, it represents to me more than an academic exercise since events and people in it are NOT long past dead, but, living and transpiring as I write and thus can have meaningful impact, consequences, outcomes, PROVIDING FACT AND FICTION are distinguishable.
So, I/WE/BOLIVAR says, admonishes to those ABOVE and BELOW:


I happened also to come across some commentary about HOW MUCH NAZI IRAQ'S Quisling prostitute puppet politicians officially earn.
Before commenting further about Iraq politicians, having paralleled Quisling, an historical aside.
I thought I would add a brief Quisling video retrospective available on youtube:


Returning from WWII Norway's Quisling to present day NAZI Iraq Huthala scum.
Sums below represent only the tip of a much deeper financial iceberg, since they do not account for graft, corruption, bribes, theft, extortion, blackmail, energy contracts, etc.
Official salaries represent a drop in a much larger financial bucket:


Lastly, since our ANTI-COMMUNIST, collaborative goose stepping Left Opposition ABOVE cannot find present day NAZI occupied FORMER USSR developments, of course, and, since I cannot follow the entire world and do NOT read Russian, I will link, once again, to Helmer's latest piece to fill what I consider a CONSPICUOUS void.
I am NOT a paid advertisement for Helmer.
But, at minimum, Helmer HELPS fill an otherwise gaping absence and void in English, quite well, I think.
NOBODY else does it, which is why a gaping void and hole exists.
Lacking, however, not reported ALOT, for example, on Helmer's website is Russia's ubiquitous GAS/OIL/ENERGY machinations and its MAJOR, overbearing, overwhelming implications, being an 800 pound world gorilla:


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