Saturday, September 11, 2010


Despite the best laid plans of mice, men and Hillary Clinton, to whom I linked in my post just below this one, the inexorable, inevitable logic of PRIVATE CAPITAL EXPANSION and DRIVING IMPERIALIST CONTRADICTIONS means a state of perpetual, intense, constant, chronic warfare, internal and external destabilization, instability, pauperizing debasement, disintegration and ultimate collapse.
Neither Hillary nor anyone else can get around inherent, systemic logic and exigencies of ESCALATING CONFLICT and CONTRADICTIONS any more than Hillary or anyone else denies gravity.
A choice does exist.
Try jumping off a cliff or high building and see what happens next to you.

Hillary indubitably does her very best to mitigate, ameliorate, moderate, mollify, tweak, bargain, negotiate circumstances for which Hillary is hired and paid handsomely.

But, in the end, Hillary will NOT prevail anymore than anyone else past, present and future.
One cannot reverse nature and turn back ocean tides, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes from whence they originate.
Those who STUDY HISTORY and THEORY understand this well.
As once I wrote:
"Hillary, you coulda been somebody,"
paraphrasing Marlon Brando's famous "On the Waterfront" movie scene.
Now, Hillary will be a NOBODY, that is, an historical footnote, while rationalizing all along a mantra that "doing good is doing well," or, "doing well AND doing good" are one and the same and NOT mutually exclusive.
So, Bye Bye Hillary AND Ahmadimoron.
Adieu to both, all.

In the link, below, under COMMENT SECTION, #2 (NICO), a few observations on recent French strikes and demonstrations in SOME ways accurate, I believe, but, not quite.

A few qualifications necessary.

First of all, France's CGT is NOT like OUR collaborative, debased, AFL-CIA and SEIU labor FRONTS squandering, frittering away, tossing down a rat hole $100 million of their workers hard earned dues and collective assets on November's upcoming DEMOCRATIC PARTY midterm s-election campaign.

Also, the commentator, NICO, fails to note some VERY BIG circumstantial changes since 1995, a date mentioned, about which I will add more information below.


And precisely why NO support, acknowledgment or recognition emanates from OUR moribund labor union FRONT institutions, organizations and their covert, collaborative PARTNERED operatives, past, present and future:


So, as promised, a few reminders from previous entries about French CGT, WHY they are SO IMPORTANT AND SO VERY DIFFERENT from ANYTHING here and significant developments since 1995 impacting CGT influence.
So, first:


Then, formation of a new international union:


And for a bit more French retrospective:


Since GAZ DE FRANCE was named above but not elaborated I thought I would remind everyone it, too, became privatized after BITTER struggle subsequently merged with SUEZ:


But, I repeat, too many holes pop up in the proverbial dike.
Stop, plug up one and many more emerge to take its place, until, eventually, the dike no longer holds back rushing flood waters and all washes away.

Ending on two BRIEF, BUT VERY DIFFERENT, upbeat musical notes.


Then, one might say, the following ALSO interpreted as a POLITICAL anthem, message.
This is her first, 1979, version, as you will see.
You can follow through the thread to a later appearance, but, I will link directly to it below, anyway:


And, a later performance:


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