Monday, September 6, 2010


A brief note.
I MIGHT delete this after posted alittle while.

I took a cultural side trip today.
I see LOTS of movies.
I just saw this one, "Disengagement," above.
So, AFTER seeing it, I went to the internet to check out reviews, etc.
I was dumbstruck.
I do NOT consider myself a literary, cultural, movie critic, reviewer, analyst, etc.
But, I really could NOT believe these people were writing about the same movie I just saw.
I understand some questionable aspects about plot, etc.
But, the very last scene in the film, the end, the last 2-5 minutes or so, approximately, was so POWERFUL and absolutely QUINTESSENTIAL to the entire plot.
NONE of the reviews I read, so far, even appeared to get what happened, meaning, dramatic impact, content, character.
NONE of them MENTION this aspect.
ALL the MAIN CHARACTER'S behaviour ONLY can be understood by the end.
I had SUSPECTED something like this towards the beginning of the movie by some of her behavior.
It was just a hunch, of course.
Anyone with familiarity to such events and individuals recognizes it immediately.
She depicted it PERFECTLY.
I am being intentionally vague, here, for those who might not have seen the film and will, perhaps.
I had questions, myself, about the setting of the film, however.
I was and still am somewhat unsure about overlapping political symbolism, meaning, in relation to the CENTRAL theme, PERSONAL TRAUMA.
The name of the movie really can be understood in relation to this and politics a symbolic, not literal, overlay.
But, EVERYBODY I read seems to assume the opposite.
NONE of the movie plot or the way it is woven can be assessed, comprehended without the very last few minutes.
The scenes at the beginning in relation to her "half," adopted, brother REVEAL, give away, much IF one understands BEHAVIORAL CLUES.
And EVERYONE I read, so far, appears to have completely missed it, the MAIN MEANING of the STORY, what happened to her and by WHOM, subsequently defining her entire life!!


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