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WITH LOVE FROM GREECE, whose events require continuous updating.
Then, an IMPORTANT CITIGROUP attack afterwards.
First, my favorite English language Greek reporter, Taxikipali:



More from:




Meanwhile, in the ever insecure NAZI Homeland more OBVIOUSLY CONJURED, MADE FOR TV, nonsensical events blabbed about incessantly, pertinent to NOBODY except their minions of paid political operatives commenting, demonstrating endlessly for purposes of diversion and partisan posturing.
A friend of mine monitors our crappy commercial media, since I can NOT stomach looking at or seeing it for more than a few seconds, and she reports back to me that our old covert operative, Jesse Jackson, went to visit whatever the hell name is our latest hired religious front man, minister, and, SHE speculated, MAYBE it was Jackson who is the bag man and delivered him his money.
Well, neither of us know for sure who actually pays him, but, we know he is our most recent STAGE PROP, STOOGE and media entertainment circus feeding frenzy.
He appeared, like ALL OTHER NAZI trash, at the CFR!!
Here's your religious trash can, scumbag, for assholes and suckers everywhere.
Take him.
He's all yours, like the rest:



Meanwhile, no need to explore further controversial events, circumstances, people and operatives surrounding our staged 9/11 Reichstag fire operation and its true, real meaning, purpose, intent.
Dead and buried, gone like all else under
a Mount Everest cesspool of NAZI BIG LIES piled high on top of one another.
So what's another BIG LIE amongst friends and a few thousand more deaths and some property damage--just enough attack to justify mammoth military aggression, expenditures plus an intensified NAZI, national security state, apparatus.

For starters, we/they could answer, explore, explain the following questions and connections surrounding our STATE SPONSORED 9/11 manufactured "terrorism," coup and coverup:



Then, we/they might DEMAND former Democratic Senator, now Vice Pres, BIDEN validate what he and FORMER PAKISTAN ISI Chief discussed the week of 9/11 when they HAPPENED TO HAVE A WASHINGTON, D.C. STATE VISIT and reportedly Pak's ISI Chief AUTHORIZED A MONEY TRANSFER TO ATTA in Florida.
Then, we could also find out WHY Daniel Pearl was murdered.
They might also want to explore WHICH, WHAT Turkish connections were sanitized from Sibel Edmonds 9/11 WHITEWASH COMMITTEE testimony.
And so on and on.
But, forget, ignore it.
Which is precisely what they did.


In view of a recent Cuban announcement, I thought I would point out from 2005 at the same website as above, MADCOWPROD.COM, the following which caught my attention AT THE TIME, thus, I am NOT surprised by recent Cuban events.
I am not surprised anyway, in addition to above/below, since Cuba is, thanks to USSR demise, now ISOLATED.
The information pertaining to Cuba under a subheading, "WAITING FOR FIDEL...," approximately half way down:






And, then, another little tidbit, reminder from amongst so many thousands, in case you have forgotten the REAL, underlying purpose, motivation, meaning of all these nasty events:


JEDDAH -- The development of a private pension industry is indispensable in the Middle East and Africa region in order to diversify investment horizon for individual savings allowing people to think more on sustainable returns as opposed to maximizing return in the short-term according to Lakhdar Moussi..."





It occurred to me after hearing/seeing/reading the following regarding Citigroup, another BIG TIME money laundering conduit, more than one reason exists to orchestrate a NAZI see-saw pendulum swing s-election process to DUMP the DEMS.
The following about Citigroup, so far, suppressed, denied, appears now on numerous business sites.
Of course, it represents the tip of a gargantuan, sleazy, sordid iceberg whose structural tentacles reach deep down everywhere on the globe.
A short video first, then, an article:



Then, one amongst many other articles:



So, it is POSSIBLE "they" MUST rid themselves of the Dems FIRST in order to prevent another explosion in their faces.
And, then, we can "start anew," as always we do, and rearrange the deck chairs or shuffle the deck.


As for Turkey's NAZI AKP AKBANK/CITIGROUP DICTATORSHIP and their PREDETERMINED, manipulated s-election process and referendum, like here and most everywhere, victory declarations and celebrations are premature.
Reminiscent of Bush declaring "mission accomplished" in Iraq.
All their incessant maneuvers merely deepen, intensify CONFLICT, instead, resolving nothing whatsoever, but, guaranteeing more explosive resolutions, confrontations.
With each and every ingenious "solution" manufactured, they create NEW and more intransigent PROBLEMS.
They keep digging themselves deeper into a self-manufactured conundrum, cul-de-sac, hole.
Then people wonder why social REVOLUTION becomes so characteristically explosive.
When former USSR Kruschev admonished, "We will bury you," he was absolutely correct, except, modified to read, "We will bury ourselves."


In a previous side trip, post, I discussed a film I saw recently, "Disengagement."
I saw this film 2 more times and my initial observations were more than amply confirmed.

Also, I believe, leading actress Juliette Binoche ought to be given an AWARD for her extraordinary, sensitive, outstanding, performance, portrayal, depiction.
With hindsight in mind, it was better each and every time I saw it:



Now for alittle light fare, entertainment, requiring some explanation.
I selected the following SOUPY SALES TV episode, below, SPECIFICALLY for those who recall our ORIGINAL Saturday Night Live TV program and cast because you may remember their infamous "Mr. Bill" segment.
Well, the original Soupy Sales TV show preceded and subsequently overlapped with Saturday Night Live.
It seems to me Saturday Night Live Mr. Bill and Soupy Sales MAY have cross pollinated, fertilized, inspired one another.
For those unacquainted with Soupy Sales, suffice it to say Soupy was a 1960-70s counter culture icon, somewhat of cult status, with a daytime TV program broadcast under auspices, rubric of Childrens Programming.
BUT, as you will see, he/it hardly, barely fits that description.
I really doubt kids appreciated "dark" humor and double entendre.
Soupy Sales was broadcast live, spontaneous, ad libbed, idiosyncratic, anarchic, with a bit of slapstick, vaudeville BUT very, very CAMPY, FACETIOUS, SATIRICAL, WITTY, IRREVERENT.
He often got into trouble and was removed from TV on a few occasions.
White Fang, below, was a standard prop he used presented exactly the same way you see him/it:



For those who might be further interested, alot more Soupy on youtube AND here's a 1965 Soupy Show in which you can follow sequentially numbered segments to the end, if you wish:



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