Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I lifted, reproduced the following photo from a John Helmer article, to which I will link and credit below.

Thanks to Helmer for photo and reminder.
I have no commentary about Helmer's article because I have not sufficient information to add anything substantial, one way or another.
I leave that to others.
BUT, I make ONE point.
I do NOT believe, as reported, AKHROMEYEV committed suicide.
I believe AKHROMEYEV was murdered because 1991 Yeltsin/Gorby was a state sponsored NAZI COUP and it is obvious WHY certain people, like Akhromeyev, need be eliminated, assassinated, murdered, killed, liquidated, imprisoned, thus, prohibiting, preventing any organized, military led opposition, resistance and counter-coup.
So, Helmer's link and the photo below:




Marshal Sergei Fyodorovich Akhromeyev

“Everything I have worked for throughout my life is being destroyed.”

– August 24, 1991

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