Saturday, October 2, 2010


One more literally ritzy, clubby, chummy event to which neither was I invited nor attended.

Despite name, the Ritz Carlton Hotel being located not in downtown Manhattan, but, instead, obscure GCC Bahrain with its 2700 or so investment funds.
(**see reference link at the end)

So, I could not attend, unless, of course, another NAZI global philanthropist, like George Soros, sponsored me.
In what was the territory of former sovereign state Iraq, our current crop of NAZI puppet clients "request, ask, beg, invite, implore" $200 BILLION in Foreign Direct Investment, similar to that of Greek PM Papandreous and his/their ilk:

"...Organised by the Economist Group, over 130 delegates from the US, Europe and the GCC attended the one-day summit at the Ritz Carlton Hotel...
....Other top Iraqi officials attended the forum include Fawzi Al Hariri, the Minister of Industry and Minerals; Ali Sindi, Minister of Planning, Kurdistan Regional Government; Farhad Alaaldin, Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government..."



But, elsewhere in Iraq the battle rages on:


Related to all above, the Iraq/Iran Sistani-Shahristani regime change, coup, congruency scenario moves inexorably forward as US PRESIDENT Hillary wheels, deals, bargains and negotiates behind the scenes, tightening her economically suffocating screws and isolation noose on NAZI Ahmadimoron, Sistani, Shahristani:


No resolution in sight except a military one to the above self-manufactured cul-de-sac, conundrum.

While mentioning self-manufactured cul-de-sacs and conundrums, back in the land of Oz and Alice Through a Looking Glass Darkly, our DEMOCRATIC PARTNERED LABOR institutions and their bogus opposition squander their workers hard earned money down the Democratic rat hole sponsoring a partisan made for TV and crappy mass media Washington event, rally, signifying nothing whatsoever.
It's joke.

Political, partisan posturing, Kabuki style entertainment and diversion.
MORE OPEN SECRETS in a vast NAZI global sea of collusion, self-delusion, denial and propaganda.
And very tiresome.



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