Friday, October 29, 2010


Aw, shucks, gee whiz, another international jubilee, soiree to which, once again, I was NOT invited and missed!!

A World Economic Forum on MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA held in MOROCCO (which happens to be supplying troops to Yemen).
And, the infamous Carlyle Group hosted it, into which United Suckers of Assholes UNION PENSION FUNDS are, amongst others, partnered and invested:


A direct link to the forum website embedded above, but, here it is anyway:


I guess I was just too busy, preoccupied watching revolutionary events unfold in Europe and the killing fields of Iraq/Iran/Middle East/North Africa to notice and hear the insipid words of the Carlyle Group and World Economic Summit on MENA, making the world safe for the above investments and investors.


However, since I missed the above, in honor of MOROCCO a small cultural side trip.
By happen chance I recently viewed the following film, "BURNED HEARTS," set in Morocco, in a small, intimate setting HERE with MAANOUNI, director/producer, in attendance for discussion afterwards.
Admittedly, it was not quite the World Economic Forum venue and event.
A bit different, smaller and much less flashy, splashy.
I guess, in comparison, Spartan.
So, I thought I would give it/him a free plug, advertisement, so to speak, since, as usual, films of his/this sort do NOT get wide, national distribution, here, in the good ole United Suckers of Assholes simply because they are NOT regarded "commercially viable."
It's a semi-autobiographical film, based loosely on Maanouni's own life experiences and thus set in a milieu with which he is intimately familiar, emotionally, psychologically, physically, etc.
I do not want to be a spoiler and give away more details or plot because most people reading most likely have not seen it.
So, that's all I will say:


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