Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A man holds a placard during a demonstration ...



My post for today.
Finally, our lame, crappy, useless US media notices France.
Just barely.
And, with appropriate spin by EVERYONE concerned here, including our bullshit, garbage, ersatz, scumbag, NAZI partnered, collaborative, anti-Communist, anti-Soviet opposition.
Against a backdrop above, the most current European crop of NAZI triumvirate or troika, Merkel, Sarkozy and Medvedev, meet ostensibly discussing European "security" with scumbag Medvedev/Putin promising ever MORE Russian wholesale sellout, off privatization!!
So much for the once great, former, anti-Fascist WWII USSR as post WWII NAZI human trash, detritus, vermin, parasites rush in to fill a vacuum, void around the globe.
They are more repulsive than words I can conjure at the moment.
It is visceral.
Literally, they are the bowels of humanity, the depths of nausea, vomit, disgust, despair.
A crawling, primordial, bestial, ignorant, anal retentive, self-aggrandizing, self-centered, short sighted species, nature's experiment, destined either for extinction or self-immolation, whichever comes first.
All for and in the name of personal profit and greed for an already moribund, dead, decadent, dying, decaying, atrophied, irrational economic system, taking everyone, everything and the planet with them in a suicidal, self-destructive, barbaric path.

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