Saturday, October 9, 2010


French ports strike grows, fuel shortages feared

"MARSEILLE, France (AFP) – A growing strike blocked French Mediterranean ports Friday as dockers joined oil terminal workers whose action against port reforms entered its 12th day, raising fears of fuel shortages.

Dockers at the ports of Marseille, France's biggest, and nearby Fos-sur-Mer began a stoppage on Friday morning, a day ahead of the start of a weekend nationwide port strike called by the CGT, France's biggest union.

The stoppage at the oil terminals was launched on September 27 against plans to privatise the Fos-sur-Mer and Lavera terminals, part of a port reform scheme...."



NOT noted, reported, recognized, supported or mentioned by ANYONE HERE for obvious reasons.

As if it does not exist, did not happen.

Today's quick commentary. See yesterday's post, below...

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