Thursday, October 21, 2010


The following factual tidbit appears IN THE COMMENT SECTION as a response by Reidar Visser to someone else.

COMMENT, link below.
MY emphasis BOLD and RED:

"...Santana, I am glad to see that confirmed. Note that Crescent Petroleum, where Ayad Allawi is reportedly a board member, is sometimes accused of fomenting Anbar regionalism on the gas field issue, possibly in some kind of greater scheme involving also its KRG investments and the Nabucco pipeline project..."

Then, again, Visser replied under COMMENT #8:

"...Mohammed, I have only secondary sources for this, but it was in the news when he visited Russia alongside Badr Jaafar, the CP director. I did not hear about it myself until recently and have tried to provoke some kind of refutation from Iraqiyya friends but so far to no avail. Maybe others can clear this up?..."



Crescent, of course, being part of traitor extraordinaire Hamid Jafar's Iraq/UAE DANA GAS/CRESCENT/ABRAAJ sprawling octopus, empire.

I did a CURSORY search about the above.
Indeed, during Allawi/Jafar's RUSSIAN VISIT (about which I did previous posts) it was reported as such:


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