Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Reading the following article about our NAZI MANUFACTURED ZIONIST state, ISRAEL, the name of FORMER GHOULISH NAZI GENERAL TURNED US PENTAGON MILITARY PLANS OFFICER, FRITZ KRAEMER and KRAEMER PROTEGE HENRY KISSINGER pops up like a vampire apparition risen from the dead which he is.

Kissinger being not the only current NAZI vampire stalking the globe.
A reincarnation of former Central Europe's Transylvania Vlad the Impaler now roams the Middle East, Iraq, at the moment, namely, Iran/Iraq's Muqtada SADR DRACULA.
But, Sadr's lineage does not extend backwards in time directly to a former WWII NAZI AXIS, whereas Kissinger DOES.
Nor is Sadr part of the ruling, propertied, elite, Establishment Class.
DRACULA SADR merely represents the latest batch of their hired hatchet men, ruthless thugs, decapitator par excellence, dispensable and disposable syringes all.

Chile being much in the news at the moment on account of an heroic miner rescue, another brief historical CHILE-KISSINGER connection.
FORMER KRAEMER protege and Rockefeller CFR/NSC member, Henry KISSINGER was THE architect for Chile's BRUTAL military, reactionary counter-coup against former democratically elected Salvador ALLENDE, Anaconda Copper's subsequent privatization after Allende nationalized it and Chile's subsequent military torture regime.
So, here is the sentence below regarding Israel that caught my attention:

"...But what was especially embarrassing was that former US Secretary of Stare Henry Kissinger, who is a personal friend of former Israel Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman, was kept waiting on the stage until the disturbance died down before being able to talk about Middle East Policy and relations with Iran..."


Old NAZIS never die, apparently.
Nor are they prosecuted.
Instead, they happily ply their trade and reap huge benefits and rewards from the ruling class whom they represent so well with great aplomb and historical CONTINUITY.
Neither, of course, can it be lost on anyone with the slightest historical comprehension a double irony represented by a JEWISH/ZIONIST state, utilized, captured, cleverly manipulated, enslaved by the very same NAZI AXIS, ALLIANCE which helped manufacture their "Jewish/Zionist" monster homeland in the middle of hostile territory for their own ulterior purposes in the first place!!
Twice CRUELLY, SADISTICALLY victimized!!
Can fiction ever equal truth??
Anyone defending religiously and/or ethnically defined, such as NAZI Jewish ZIONISM, ISLAMIC fundamentalism, Sharia compliant, CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALISM, etc., fictionalized STATE entities, is nothing but a bloody moron, idiot, NAZI sucker and their pliant tool.
(For more reading on Israel's NAZI background, I made reference in past posts to Edwin Black's well researched and documented books, "The Transfer Agreement" and, for example, "IBM and the Holocaust."
Much more available, but, Black is a good starting place.)

Then, flowing from numerous previous posts I did on subject matters related, from current NAZI POWER BROKER, KINGPIN, Citigroup Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel to Nochi Dankner and WHO OWNS ISRAEL, AND, as you will notice on the BOTTOM of the following report, another article concerning ONGOING off shore territorial gas/energy disputes between Lebanon and Israel:


So, the long and short moral of this tale being, the world you inherit is the one you help create.

Oh, yes.
Almost forgot.
In Iran/Iraq's ongoing regime change, congruency and coup scenario, MORE BIG military explosions yesterday, apparently, targeting, killing, assassinating members of Ahmadimoron's Revolutionary Guards.
Definitely HIGH LEVEL PENETRATION, since this is NOT the first time.
Nor will it be the last, most likely:


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