Sunday, October 24, 2010


Needless to say, for reasons forecast, predictable and obvious, described in MY POST JUST BELOW THIS ONE, Wikileaks takes our crappy, commercial Establishment NY TIMES media front page today BUT FRANCE or GREECE STILL MISSING IN ACTION!!

French families face holiday petrol shortages



See my post just below, and, I might note, others, including the ALLAWI/JAFAR commercial partnership versus Iran SISTANI SHAHRISTANI, presumably departing, BAGHDAD OIL MINISTER for EXPLANATION.

Meanwhile, our NAZI GCC/MENA (MidEast No Africa) PRIVATIZATION investment juggernaut, "trade war," rolls merrily on and on, what it is ALL ABOUT, the whole damned, insidious, counter-revolutionary, reactionary PROGRAM.
So, featured this time, amongst thousands, one about NAZI Germany and that total piece of shit, FRONT state, shill, garbage called Qatar.
Actually, Wikileaks serves also, like Qatar, as a POLITICAL FRONT MAN to funnel information.
Our NAZI profiteers and puppet masters ALL SHAMELESSLY utilize FRONT MEN, INSTITUTIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, decoys, to do their OWN dirty work for them.
So, no one ever has responsibility, accountability and plausible deniability exists:

"BERLIN, Oct 24, 2010 (AFP) - German building giant Hochtief is in talks with Qatar in the hope that the emirate will take a stake in the company in order to thwart a hostile takeover bid by Spain's ACS, a report on Sunday said...
...A Hochtief spokeswoman confirmed that Merkel had introduced Luetkestratkoetter and the Qatari minister during a dinner with around 100 industry leaders at the presidential palace in Berlin but declined to provide further details...."



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